Author: nebu chadnezzar

Fucking Bug Nightmare

I spent 3-4 days at Vandenberg Air Force Base in their FamCamp (family camp) area in the Tent area. Only it looks like that place was probably cool back in 1960-1980. Who knows. Who knows how far back you have to go when that area wasn’t a piece of shit. There was only one tree

Thursday Games

Don’t expect Bethesda’s Starfield anytime soon Popular Twitch streamers receive lengthy bans for using homophobic language, offensive jokes Why do we play video games? Whatever happened to the Xbox’s original prototype? Fortnite Rocket Launches, Cracks The Sky Twitch Partners Feeling Burned After Affiliates Receive Features That Took Them Years To Earn Spider-Man, VR And Everything Else At Sony’s E3 Booth

Thursday Politics

Try as they might to control all politics, media, newspapers, tv shows, the word still gets out. July 4: Trump Moves to End Racial Discrimination by Colleges Congress Sets Date for FBI’s Peter Strzok to Testify in Public ICE Rescued 904 Children from Being Raped and Molested — Democrats Want to End This Seattle bans plastic straws, utensils, becoming

4th of July Random News

‘Star Wars’ actor Ahmed Best says he considered suicide after Jar Jar Binks backlash – Well Jar Jar makes the rest of us want to commit suicide. California couple finds time capsule message during home renovation San Francisco Logs 16,000 Feces Complaints in Week… That’s the joy liberals have to give you. Knott’s Soak City has cabanas, and here’s why you

Saturday Games

I’m doing Sea of Thieves. I did one wing of the Battlefield 1 campaign. Then of course nearly L30 at Pirates of the Caribbean. With NHL 19, EA leans into online play in effort to attract new players Ghost Of Tsushima’s Director On The Risks Of Making Something New The Assemble Yourself Fallout 76 Pip-Boy

Saturday Random News

Why In-N-Out Burger isn’t coming to the East Coast LEGO Releases Official Pics Of It’s Upcoming 2,321 Piece Voltron Set Oh I want that thing. D.B. Cooper unmasked at last? Investigators say they’ve now confirmed skyjacker’s identity The NES Classic Returns Today But I’m More Excited About This Wireless Controller The World’s Most Expensive Denim

4 Monitors!

I managed to set up 4 monitors last night. I didn’t know my video card had 3, DISPLAY PORT connections in the back. I thought I was out of space for adding more monitors. I’ve been slowly buying them for under $100 off the work for sale list. I actually can use 4 monitors as

Tuesday Random News

I lost half my links cuz this POS virus infected site. haha. Farmers in America killing selves in staggering numbers… Someone sold ‘hot dog water’ for $38 a bottle at festival in Canada Instagram is now worth a whopping $100 billion Elon Musk’s $130m military contract revealed: SpaceX signs deal to use Falcon Heavy megarocket to launch secret Air … Report: Tesla

Tuesday Games

Fallout 76 Gameplay Trailer Video Game Becomes Popular, World Panics Video Game Becomes Popular, World Panics Star Control creators attempt to crowdfund $2M lawsuit defense fund Bethesda sues Warner Bros, calls its Westworld game ‘blatant rip-off’ of Fallout Shelter Life Is Strange 2’s five-episode story begins this September Facebook launches live video GAMESHOWS Amazon Obliterates Toys ‘R’

Tuesday Politics

Comey intervened to kill WIKILEAKS immunity deal… Bizarre ‘Sonic Attack’ Symptoms Reportedly Spreading to US Diplomats Around the World IDF Establishes ‘War Room’ to Fight Kite Terror ‘Extraordinary’ Strzok removal shows FBI agents in crosshairs from IG probe Lawsuit Photos Reveal Inhumane Conditions For Migrant Children Held At Obama Detainment Facility Crying migrant girl on TIME magazine cover was not separated

New on Netflix

Watch The Ranch  They have a new season where they have to get rid of Danny Masterson (lame) cuz they say he be raping in Scientology.  They even took him off the show page photo. Luke Cage Season 2 I’ve never been prouder to be black. The music is amazing.