Author: nebu chadnezzar

Tuesday Random News

I lost half my links cuz this POS virus infected site. haha. Farmers in America killing selves in staggering numbers… Someone sold ‘hot dog water’ for $38 a bottle at festival in Canada Instagram is now worth a whopping $100 billion Elon Musk’s $130m military contract revealed: SpaceX signs deal to use Falcon Heavy megarocket to launch secret Air … Report: Tesla

Tuesday Games

Fallout 76 Gameplay Trailer Video Game Becomes Popular, World Panics Video Game Becomes Popular, World Panics Star Control creators attempt to crowdfund $2M lawsuit defense fund Bethesda sues Warner Bros, calls its Westworld game ‘blatant rip-off’ of Fallout Shelter Life Is Strange 2’s five-episode story begins this September Facebook launches live video GAMESHOWS Amazon Obliterates Toys ‘R’

Tuesday Politics

Comey intervened to kill WIKILEAKS immunity deal… Bizarre ‘Sonic Attack’ Symptoms Reportedly Spreading to US Diplomats Around the World IDF Establishes ‘War Room’ to Fight Kite Terror ‘Extraordinary’ Strzok removal shows FBI agents in crosshairs from IG probe Lawsuit Photos Reveal Inhumane Conditions For Migrant Children Held At Obama Detainment Facility Crying migrant girl on TIME magazine cover was not separated

New on Netflix

Watch The Ranch  They have a new season where they have to get rid of Danny Masterson (lame) cuz they say he be raping in Scientology.  They even took him off the show page photo. Luke Cage Season 2 I’ve never been prouder to be black. The music is amazing.  

Political Roundup

FBI sends classified letter to House GOP on use of informants in Trump campaign FBI Agent Sally Moyer Who Texted ‘F*ck Trump’ is Registered Dem – Filtered Evidence From Hillary’s Devices Used in Probe DOJ hands over documents to GOP committees after contempt threat FBI Gives Congress Thousands of Requested Documents on Russia Probe, FISA Abuse and Its Use

Sunday Politics

FBI Agent After Interviewing Clinton’s IT Staffer: ‘He Lied His Ass Off’ IG Report: FBI Agents Found Huma Abedin Deleting Classified/Hillary Emails From Yahoo Account But Failed to Subpoena Her Devices IG Report: Page, Strzok Bypassed FBI Chain of Command to Covertly Brief McCabe on Hillary Probe Five Anti-Trump FBI Officials Referred For Disciplinary Action Over Private Messages FBI Employee: