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Saturday Politics

MAGA-Themed Toy Set Encourages Kids to ‘Build the Wall’   Law enforcement using mysterious new tool to unlock cellphones… TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Jerry Brown Eased California Logging Rules Back In August 10 economic trends to be thankful for in often-maligned California Soros dumps Facebook, Netflix stocks just before they dipped: report Why Communist China Home to So Many Billionaires… Blue State Blues:

Tuesday Politics

White House Announces New Rules For Press Conferences After Acosta’s Antics Migrant caravan may be in unwelcoming Tijuana for long-haul, US continues border fortifications Republicans Want Trump To Declassify A New Batch Of FBI Documents Democrats Moving To Lift 181-Year-Old Restriction On Religious Headgear For New Muslim Women Members Monica Lewinsky’s parents break silence about Bill Clinton affair and share

Friday Politics

Women can now serve in ALL roles in the Armed Forces, Defence Secretary announces ‘Over The Line’: Emails Show California Officials Coordinated With Pro-Gas Tax Campaigners Report: Millions in Food Stamp Dollars Flowed to Terrorists Women can now serve in ALL roles in the Armed Forces, Defence Secretary announces Report: Millions in Food Stamp Dollars Flowed to Terrorists NSA official sent

Monday Politics

Facebook BANS founder of #WalkAway movement to silence those who choose to leave the Democrat gulag Kavanaugh’s accuser recovered her memory at the time Dems were panicked Romney would win and nominate him to SCOTUS Republicans are not Trump people. There’s 3 factions.  Three Republican Senators Open to Delaying Kavanaugh Vote Over Sexual Assault Allegation

Sunday Politics

BREAKING: Writer of Confidential Kavanaugh Letter Speaks Out – She’s a Far-Left Activist! California professor Christine Ford claims Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her: ‘It derailed me’ haha  US Coast Guard member ‘removed’ after making ‘offensive’ OK sign on live TV Bipartisan House Group Demands Answers from Google on Censored Chinese Search Engine Pompeo Rips John Kerry For ‘Undermining’ US Policy

Thursday Politics

Obama-Hillary Fired Benghazi Heroes When They Got To Germany – Made Them Find Their Own Way Back To US (Video) Obama-Hillary fired them and they had to find their own way back to America.And then the Obama admin took away their security clearances so they could no longer get work inside the government. IG Report

Wednesday Politics

“Unbelievable”: Facebook Bans Ex-Democrat #WalkAway Founder Weeks Before March On Washington The Mueller Charade Everyone now knows that the entire Trump–Russian collusion argument was a complete fabrication on the basis of the Steele dossier, which was a pack of lies from A to Z, and, of course, was commissioned and financed by the Democratic National