Month: September 2018

Canada is insanely diverse

I’ve seen nothing but white people except for 1 Asian couple and 1 black couple in the capital 45 mins away but they carry on with 100% diversity anyway. They make everyone speak French, even for no reason. Every damn item including random memorial stones have French on it hah. Their forms are also super

I’m in Canada

Slept 20 hours first day, 10 second. Today it’s going to rain. I have no computer but one is here. Im just doing 3 phone games as usual.  It’s just me and my daughter.  Photos on facebook. I scouted metal detecting spot but someone was already doing it which is super lame. One town has


What button do I press to not get raped? So I need to take a Lyft/Uber to the airport to pick up a rental car, to then take the rental car to drive to the next airport. So I got the app/signed up. I say forget Uber. I’ve read enough bad things about them that

Monday Politics

Facebook BANS founder of #WalkAway movement to silence those who choose to leave the Democrat gulag Kavanaugh’s accuser recovered her memory at the time Dems were panicked Romney would win and nominate him to SCOTUS Republicans are not Trump people. There’s 3 factions.  Three Republican Senators Open to Delaying Kavanaugh Vote Over Sexual Assault Allegation

Sunday Games

Nintendo Switch Is Getting NES Controllers Ah, Hello, Prince: Katamari Damacy Is Coming To The Switch [Update] Wedding Proposal Hidden In Spider-Man Becomes World’s Saddest Easter Egg Netflix says Henry Cavill will star in ‘The Witcher’ adaptation U.S. Video Game Spending Up 40%

Sunday Politics

BREAKING: Writer of Confidential Kavanaugh Letter Speaks Out – She’s a Far-Left Activist! California professor Christine Ford claims Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her: ‘It derailed me’ haha  US Coast Guard member ‘removed’ after making ‘offensive’ OK sign on live TV Bipartisan House Group Demands Answers from Google on Censored Chinese Search Engine Pompeo Rips John Kerry For ‘Undermining’ US Policy

Sunday Random News

Russian secret service ‘in crisis’ after botched Novichok assassination attempt in Salisbury The full story of how MI6’s greatest ever KGB mole was smuggled out of Moscow Jack the Ripper’s victims were NOT prostitutes, says historian Now this story is a nightmare. Cruise worker receives $3.34 million payout after ship doctor gives ‘wrong medication and wrong dosage’ Fortnite has now been