Month: July 2018


She brought home 7 van fulls of Aaron Bros running out of business. She even got their giant flat carts (like you see at Costco) and giant flat platform with rollers. She plays fallout/elder scrolls in real life. Where she kills the person and then takes over their house and drops every item she loots

Grinding Stardew Valley

Me and my daughter spent like 15+ hours this weekend playing. She got married to some guy hahahah. She built an expansion to her house with a nursery. We got to the bottom of the mine finally. Weeks ago:  It’s on sale on steam for $12. We’re at 6-8 hours played. You can play multiplayer

Friday Politics

Al Qaeda suspect admits to terror charge in federal court, to receive 15 years in jail Biden’s Niece Gets Probation for $100,000 Credit Card Scam Watchdog Finds $15B in U.S. Taxpayer Waste on Afghanistan Reconstruction TSA Agents Seize $29K In Cash From Man For No Apparent Reason… California city OKs jail time for defying plastic straw ban VICE Admits: Twitter Is

Friday Games

The Xbox Adaptive Controller’s package design is just as accessible Nintendo’s Next Labo Game Is All About Driving (And Flying, And Swimming) GTA Online’s After Hours Expansion Almost Feels Like Single-Player DLC Sega’s new Phantasy Star is an RPG for smartphones Nintendo Suing Pirate Websites For Millions

Thursday Random News

The New Buffy Showrunner Addresses Reboot Concerns: It’s ‘Time to Meet a New Slayer’ He Slept With Cary Grant and Spencer Tracy — And Changed Hollywood History… ‘Games of Thrones’ final season to air in the ‘first half’ of 2019, HBO announces Rare ‘Viking’ discovery made in Italy Yanet Garcia’s Maxim Swimsuit Video Is Absolutely Wild Chinese company builds a 350ft

Monday Random News

Hollywood pedos! Hollywood/Politics is full of pedos and hopefully that will continue to be exposed. They do their best to cover it up and in some cases even post about normalizing it. ‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Dan Harmon Deletes Twitter Account After Fake Baby Rape Video Goes Viral Former Marvel Director Deletes Twitter Account After