Month: July 2018

Friday Politics

CONFIRMED: Dirty Cop Mueller Offered Tony Podesta Immunity to Testify Against Paul Manafort — As TGP Reported (VIDEO) Papa John’s CEO Was Banished Because He Is A White Man Who Talked About Race Trump Says Russia ‘Agreed to Help with North Korea’ but Envoy Wants Sanctions Lifted FLASHBACK: Watch Russian Puppet Chuck Schumer Bow to Putin (VIDEO) haha FBI Director: Chinese

Friday Random News

Paramount fires its top television executive over comments Woman sentenced to 15 days in jail for taking 40 queen conchs in the Florida Keys  Eleven dead and more missing in mass casualty after duck boat capsizes on Missouri river Amazon is worth $900 billion after Prime Day madness California ghost town Cerro Gordo will become a tourist hotspot Waterfront home on

Wednesday Random News

World’s rarest Star Wars figures including Darth Vader in auction Alec Baldwin chased by waitress with check after dining at Hollywood restaurant IHOP offering 60-cent pancake deal following ‘IHOB’ burger debacle A Batwoman TV Show Is in Development at the CW, Starring Lesbian Superhero Kate Kane Incredible 5,500-year-old tomb discovery is ‘find of a lifetime’

Wednesday Politics

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason.” Putin’s Bombshell Claim US Intel Officials Helped Move $400,000,000 of Russian Money Into Clinton Campaign James Comey urges voters to

Tuesday Games

World Cup Player Celebrates Goal With Rude Fortnite Emote  Banned Twitch streamers defend slurs, but say language has evolved Fallout: New Vegas Player Beats Game On Hardest Difficulty Without Killing Anyone Or Dying Fortnite is an actual golf game now Fortnite Season Five update brings Wild West themed heroes and ATKs ArenaNet’s firings reinforced gaming culture’s worst impulses Battlefield V Video great video, check