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What Kind of Diet do Football Players Need?

Professional athletes eat a lot of food.  They need a high-calorie intake to provide their bodies with enough energy to keep up with the grueling demands of their chosen vocation: athletics.  However, football (American Football) is a different beast altogether. NFL players are some of the biggest, fastest, strongest athletes in the world. Which begs

Sparkling water LaCroix is forced to DENY it contains cockroach insecticide

Now I’m Scared to Drink it. haha. [READ MORE] A class-action lawsuit against LaCroix was filed Monday in Illinois It claims the brand knowingly falsely claims to be ‘all natural’ and ‘100% natural’ The lawsuit says the drink contains ingredients found in cockroach insecticide LaCroix’s parent company National Beverage Corporation calls the claims ‘false’

The history of the Oreo cookie

Oreo cookies are pretty fun, so let’s talk about where they came from This week on The History of Fun, Daniela Galarza , senior editor at Eater , joins to talk about the origins of the world’s most famous sandwich cookie. And Fig Newtons are not sandwich cookies, thank you very much. Source: The history