5 Classic Side Dishes to Bring to Thanksgiving

Smoked turkey, honey glazed ham, pumpkin pie: Is your mouth watering yet? Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year; it brings together family and friends, blesses us with football, and gives us an excuse to gorge on tons of scrumptious food. We’re all incredibly thankful for these things, but when it comes to preparing a dish to bring to your grandma’s, how can you possibly choose what to make? You know turkey will be covered, and we’re not worried about deserts right now, so what are some of the best Thanksgiving sides that can’t fail? 

Sweet Potato Casserole

Mashed potatoes are great, but sweet potatoes are to die for. Put them in a casserole with brown sugar, butter, marshmallows, and pecans, and you’ve got a dish that borders on dessert. But who cares? It’s Thanksgiving!


What better way to stuff yourself this holiday than with stuffing? Yes, it’s ironic, but it’s also a great dish to bring. Don’t mess with that boxed stuff, you’ve got to go all out this year. Take some time to find a quality recipe online and get to cooking!

Greenbean Casserole

Casserole number two is just as tasty and equally worthy of placement around the dinner table. It’s a great way to introduce some greens into your holiday diet, even if most of it’s covered up with a creamy sauce, bacon, and caramelized onions.


Arguably the best of all bread, this crispy yellow treat is sure to be a big hit at the table. It’s classic, easy, and full of flavor. Just don’t be surprised if you go home with an empty dish. 

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic and mashed potatoes? It will be hard to mess this one up, as it tastes so great. This side dish is perhaps one of the most iconic Thanksgiving foods, and it’s almost mandatory that someone bring it to the holiday. Be sure to contact the other guests to see if someone is already planning to make them, but if not this might be your best bet.

Closing Thoughts
You can’t go wrong with any of these delicious dishes this Thanksgiving. They’re sure to impress the entire family and keep bellies full; you needn’t even feel guilty about having seconds! But if you have the urge to burn off some of the extra holiday calories with intense cardio, nobody would blame you. Just be sure to equip yourself with proper footwear for long intervals of exercise, as wearing narrow or tight sneakers can sprout bunions and blister along your foot (if you suffer from painful bunions it’s best to consult a medical professional, such as visiting northwestsurgerycenter.com, to deal with them). Or if you just want to lounge around and watch football with the family instead, that’s all right too. You’ve got room for pie, right?