Wendy’s Frosty Key Tag Program (sucks)

Wendy’s Frosty Key Tag is a great program where you give $1-2 and they give you a Key Tag for a free micro Frosty. It’s a great program and quite a deal but it’s also great from a business perspective that it’s a thing that keeps you coming back to buy things.

The only problem is that they keep asking you to show the keychain in the drive thru. Why is this a problem? Because your car is running and you have to turn off your car to show it, then restart your car. It’s not as a big deal on an automatic but on my car/manual it’s a super pain. It’s also very invasive demanding a customer turn off their car, show a tag, then restart their car.

So I took the tag off and put it in my wallet to show. Only it kept falling out. So then you can’t show it and you’re screwed. So then I tried keeping it in a pocket on my door, but then when my door opens, it falls out and I lost it and you’re screwed. Once you lose it, you can’t even pay to get another one, the program is over. I don’t know if they PLAN on that happening so you’ll lose out. 

So then I just lie and say I have it when I don’t and show my 2017 one. I legit bought a current one but I lost it. But today I was finally busted. They asked to see it AND turn it around to show the right year. Then they wouldn’t give me one. Total bullshit. I did my part buying the thing, I did my best to show it when they asked, but I can’t hold on to it when they ask to see it every time. My next one I’m going to attach a string to it and tie to my car. haha.