Walking Dead: Our World: Tips and Strategy

Here’s some tips for Walking Dead: Our World, which uses Google Map Technology similar to games like Pokemon: Go, Ingress, etc. 

Disclaimer: I’m a Blizzard employee. My views are my own and do not represent the views of the company. 

Created by Kenny
Before selecting a weapon and hero, click on the infestation or battle to see what types of zombies are there. Then you can select the best weapon/hero or pick battles that are best for guild challenges.

The Ultimate Spreadsheet!

For all the statisics on the weapons, heroes, upgrades, leveling check out

 General Tips

  • Play By Bicycle – Get a bike mount for your phone and play all around by bicycle. You’re way more effective than walking or driving. You also mostly avoid the traveling too fast penalty/warnings unless you bike crazy fast.
  • Play as a passenger by car. It’s the best way to find good battles. Also when you stop at stop lights, you can get supply crates to appear to loot! You can even pop a flare at a location to return to it later (up to an hour). Trick your spouse or friend or family into driving. I rode a bus for two hours and it was the time of my life.
  • 30 min respawns – The supply crates and monsters respawn every 30 mins. You can set a stopwatch or use a stopwatch app. Because the supply creates respawn every 30 mins, you can craft an ideal path that lasts for 30 mins that gets back to the first spot just as they respawn while looting supply crates the entire way. 
  • Respawns are often the same battle. I’ve noticed the game respawns the same battle over and over again every 30 mins. Like say a level 10 rescue mission again and again. You can work this in your favor if you find a nice pack of rescue missions. The battles seem to reset at 5 pm PDT
  • Daily Reset – The quests and missions reset at 5 p.m. PDT (12 GMT?) everyday. Plan around it. 
  • Energy Purchases Each Day. They added an option in the store for 25 energy for 250/750/2000 coins. Each day, right before 5pm PDT, buy out the energy if you haven’t already. Then you can start the day reset with a large amount of energy, even over max.
  • How much to spend? The one purchase for $30 for 7 leader packs was especially worth it. I ended up with ONE 130 SMG, and 2 130 heroes. The $10 per level pack is worth it for a legendary too somewhat. But I wouldn’t recommend spending too much since it snowballs. You need 20 cards to upgrade the 3rd level of a Legendary. 
  • How to level up? You don’t actually get experience for battles, which makes no sense. You only level by upgrading cards (heroes/weapons) and daily quests. So you can play all day and make no leveling experience if you do not upgrade any cards.
  • Best/Fastest way to level? Build up a trade building. Turn in every hostage (rescue) for coins. As you level it up, and can carry more hostages per trip, it really adds up to over 1,000s. Then use the coins to upgrade COMMON weapons and heroes. While it makes no sense, you get the most experience this way. The worst experience is by upgrading legendary and down which give little to no experience . 
  • Weapon Mods – You get good weapon mods from Rare/Epic missions. So always do those if you can even if they’re way too low level. Additionally you can get them from grab bags off the guild challenges. Be very choosy when you use them:  (4) mods for Legendaries, (3) for epic, (2) For Rare, (1) for Common. Sometimes your common weapons with 1 mod are better than your higher level ones, sadly due to the rarity of those cards. If you get a Legendary, start saving up your mods in packs of 4 and upgrade them.  
  • Hero Mods – Some heroes are worth upgrading, others are a complete waste, I’d say. For sure save up for those Legendary heroes (4) per upgrade.  
  • Support is non-existent. No responses in 3 months so any problems, pretty much the only fix is to keep playing or start over with a new character. 


  • Regular Infestations the other ones usually spawn in set locations each day. You can memorize them and take ideal paths to reach the most of them in the morning, breaks, lunch, rides home, etc. 
  • Infestation clearing is one of the best methods to gain coins to do upgrades. You can get some coins doing raider battles but quite often they don’t drop coins and give you cards or items instead.
  • Rare/Epic Infestations can show up nearly everywhere,
  • Regular Infestations seem to spawn at the same locations each day. They also reset at 5pm PDT (12 GMT?) You can memorize them and take ideal paths to reach the most of them in the morning, breaks, lunch, rides home, etc. If you know a spot where there are 5-6 infestations within view, that’s a great spot to drop a flare for your guild.
  • Infestations reset in 8 hours after being completed. 
  • To make an infestation (rare/epic) stay around longer, start one battle, then leave. Then *I THINK* the timer gets set to 8 hours. Otherwise, just follow what it says on the infestation about how much time you have.
  • Infestations: Avoid Grenade-ing your way through – If you use grenades too often, it starts giving you way higher infestations than you could possibly beat. Don’t rely too heavily on grenades to win your battles. You do need some grenades to complete battles on a regular basis however.
  • The last battle of infestations are typically the hardest so that’s when you can throw a few grenades to power through. Feel free to use them whenever though. Sometimes you have to switch to your best weapon and hero to finish them or use grenades.


Guilds are MUST. You can find some of the best ones on the reddit group, but otherwise, find one with high level players that are active that will complete boards and reward you with epic/legendary items. You can also leave your guild and join other guilds anytime for better guilds. One way to do that is to see who is high level on buildings then click on them and then their guild to see if they have an open spots. Otherwise it might require some manual work on reddit.

Guild Challenges:

  • When it comes to rescues, focus on rescuing the hostage #1 and secondly on getting credit for weapon or hero kills. It’s better to at least rescue the hostage than to get credit for a hero/weapon while letting the hostage die. Instead use a weapon/hero that doesn’t count toward guild challenges if you have to. On lower level rescue missions, you can use weapons/heroes that count.
  • Point out the hardest challenges on each board to guild chat. These are the ones you’ll need help on or the board will get filled out and you’ll be stuck on those last few (happens all the time).
  • If you’re going to use flares, make sure you pick a time when the most guild members will be online. This can be a challenge if you have members across time zones/other parts of the world. 

Hero Tips

What mods and heroes should you use?

Melee Heroes seem to be the best. They get up there, buying you time to finish the battle with your gun. 

Heal multiple heroes with one Healing PackStart a Raider battle then use one pack to heal multiple heroes. That uses less packs than healing one pack per hero. 

Best Abilities

  • Wrestler: +1s struggle time against walkers. Since the battles are often short and all you need is enough time to finish off the zombies, this ability is great. It’s especially useful on rescue missions.
  • Savior: +1 struggle time for Survivors against Walkers. This is MUST have when you do rescue missions. That makes Carol (R), Legendary Glenn (L) the best ones to use on rescue missions. The ability is worthless on non rescue missions so pick other heroes on those typically.
  • Follow-through: + damage with next attack after downing an enemy
  • Head Shot: +x% chance of scoring a headshot
  • Trigger Happy +X% faster attack rate
  • Slayer: +X% damage against walkers
  • Finisher: +X% damage against damaged enemies

Worst Abilities

  • Shock and Awe – People say it’s pretty worthless. (extra damage after grenades)
  • SMG/Shotgun Support – not a lot of good heroes with that. Only possible would be a leveled up (130+) Legendary Eugene. 
  • Grit – Recovers faster from injury. You can just use health packs instead. Pretty worthless. 
  • Scavenger: bonus chance for more coins. Sounds awesome right but as far as any of us can tell, it doesn’t work. 

Legendary Morgan RULES. He’s my main tank. He has 2 upgrades of struggle time and an insane amount of Health. 

Check out these amazing bonuses. This makes Legendary Glenn, the best hostage rescue guy in my opinion, except vs. heavy armored zombies where Legendary Daryl might be better.
The third most useful guy, he’s good against armored. So take him on armored rescue missions, or armored infestations. He needs these upgrades and 130 to be useful. 
He isn’t upgraded to 130 so he’s pretty useless to me, but I do use him in raider battles. He seems to be good there with 2 mods that destroy cover. However there’s no testing to determine if that mod(s) is worth it.
He’s not high enough to use but I use him in raider battles. He could be good with upgrades combined with the legendary SMG. He’s also a huge hurdle in higher guild challenge tiers so getting him is huge for guilds.
She could be the best if you could get enough cards for her. Unfortunately she’s only level 115, and my common people are all mostly L130. It’s all in how many cards you get. You need to start off with at least 4 to be any bit useful at most levels.
Carol Peletier is the best early on hostage rescue. Spend your points and use her on most rescue missions. Because she’s melee, she’s also really good besides that.
If you don’t have Legendary Morgan, this is a great one to use instead. Research all 3 struggle.  This guy is needed on some tiers of guild challenges however.


As you advance, unless you get lucky on Legendaries or spend money, the commons eventually become more powerful than anything else, especially after Level 14+

I ended up with this as my best weapon but unfortunately the zombies it kills are not in the game. It gets me through though and the bonus is to assault weapons so I team with assault heroes.
Here’s the ultimate Assault Rifle. You need it at least at level 3 to be useful unless you get it at the start of the game. I’d say only the first 2 mods are useful as the SMG bonus is pretty useless. 
This thing would be pretty great if I had one more card to use it. But instead I nearly have a 140 common ANVIL gun to use instead or 127 epic/rare. 
I just got this gun and have no hope of getting it to level 3 so unless a guild challenge requires it, I’ll never use it. 
If you don’t have the legendary assault rifle, this is the one to use. The epic one never upgrades enough. It’s also required on a lot of challenges. 


People neglect perks. You can be much more powerful with these perks so create a warehouse, upgrade it, and fill these out until it becomes difficult to upgrade them.

Best Perks

  • #1 Junk Cat – Chance of double reward from a supply crate. This can result in crazy bonuses. I only have level 6 but I see it firing off all the time (11% chance).
  • Dale’s RV – Survivor Cap. This determines how many hostages you can store up and take with you and turn in. Store up to max, then find a high level building to turn into or bring it back to your base to turn in. The more hostages you can carry, the more rewards you will get.
  • Sheriff’s Duffel Bag – Increases energy cap. Upgrade this every time. Energy is the most important thing in the game to play and this also improves your max cap of energy when you go over. 
  • Walker Terry – Increases First Aid Cap – Also a key item but it’s pretty difficult to upgrade, especialy past level 5 (max 10). 
  • Abraham’s Weapon Create – Increase grenade cap. Especially needed at higher player levels when every infestation requires some grenades. 
  • Rosita’s Dynamite Bundle – Grenade damage. Upgrade this every time.
  • Carol’s Fireworks – Increases grenades’ area of effect. Sounds great, it’s difficult to tell how well it works. 
  • Daryl’s Ear Necklace – Damage increase percentage against raiders. Hard to know if it has any effect.
  • Walker Mike – Increase Building Materials Cap – Kinda worthless as you continue on but it can be helpful for experience to level up and if you need to create buildings for guild challenges.
  • Morgan’s Go Back – Increase Coin Cap. Past a point (50k?) kinda useless. You should be spending your coins. 
Anytime you get this item, groan. It’s one of the worst items in the game. It’s especially bad when you drive off to an epic infestation or mission then end up with this item. 

Useful Links

Background: I’m level 15 currently. I thought L15 was max but players are upwards of level 20+.  You can easily pay money to get well beyond regular players. I’ve paid $70 so far but that’s about all I might spend. The legendary I got off that were extremely helpful in playing. So the game is tipped way toward pay-to-win. However, you can still play without paying and still advance (slower).