Went to Vandenberg Air Force Base – Part I

We went to Vandenberg AFB just after 4th of July. The first night we stayed at the Air Force Inns for $75 a night. What they give you is amazing. Half of a house but the house is better than my real house. 2 bedrooms, 2 studys (I haven’t seen a study since the 1970s), kitchen, living room, outside area. Totally rules and is worth the money. It’s a better hotel than you’ll get typically without spending $200+ anywhere around here. But who can afford $75 a night multiple days with a addicted shopper and traveler on your payroll.

We tried to go to breakfast at the cafe but we were short 5 mins, thanks to one member whose habitually late.

Next we continued on the next day to the camping area. And boy it’s the shittiest camping area I’ve ever been to. They charged $10 per night per tent too. From what I could tell it might have been nice in the 1970s, 1980s, who knows how long ago. Currently it was a semi-dirt field full of gopher holes. The only shade was under a tree where someone else had already claimed. Turned out to be an ex military who just stayed there at night. So he didn’t really need the shade. But he was super nice and gave us some tips.

The first day we set up camp. Then I spent hours getting them to leave and go to the beach because I wanted to metal detect it. When I got there, it was closed by 1 hour and the had EXTREME penalties for going into the locked beach because it was the AFB’s beach but it was also public. So that was a waste.

At the camp,  we were stuck out in the sun and about 8:30 am, the sun became unbearable. Then on top of that, it was during the record heatwave where it was near 100 at home. They say normally it’s not that bad there. So the heat is one thing right but on top of that, non stop bugs all over you. We had to do these anti-bug candles and huddle them. We used bug spray which worked a little but not much. It was fucking horrible. And what sucks even more is once you left the camp area, the bugs weren’t that bad. It was only where we had to be.

To be continued…