Month: October 2018

The Only good Festival

except for the dudes in speedos… Mad Max meets Burning Man: Thousands of people in hand-crafted costumes gather for post-apocalypse festival ‘beyond the grip of so-called civilization’ in California’s Mojave Desert Visit Website

Fitbit Charge 3

I got a fitbit charge 3. It just came out. I was waiting since a Charge 1 which was a total POS. It all fell apart and I had just the fob for a while. Then I got a replacement band (that failed 2x) and to charge it I had to use poster puddy to

Monday Games

Star Citizen’s latest promise rakes in almost a million dollars PS4 message hack allegedly bricks the console These $1,350 Game Boy-Themed Jordans Almost Look Worth It Google Announces Project Stream, Which Lets You Stream Games In Chrome

Monday Random News

SEARS Goes Bust… Climbers who died in Nepal storm included famed South Korean included the first South Korean to summit all 14 Himalayan peaks over 8,000 meters  “ New £3,000 credit cards made of REAL 18-carat gold Washington Examiner Accidentally Copycats The New York Times: ‘There Was No Intention To Deceive’ Are these the worst bathroom design fails EVER? Looter Shot

Treasure News

More than 300 silver coins that are thought to be 1,000 years old have been unearthed in Poland Colorado woman uncovers nearly 3-carat diamond at Arkansas state park, in ‘find of a lifetime’ Michigan Man Discovers His Doorstop Actually a Meteorite Worth $100,000 A Michigan man recently learned that this 22-pound rock he used for decades as a

Sunday Random Old News

Superyacht which rents for £66,000 a week is destroyed by massive blaze lololol  Technician Accidentally Sets off an F-16 Cannon, Blows Up Another F-16 Impressive!: Kid Turns Water Tubing Wipeout Into Tube-Swapping Trick ‘Bewitched’ secrets: 6 things you didn’t know DC lawyer sues ex-fiancée for return of $100G engagement ring, calls it ‘conditional gift’ Air Force helicopters ‘defy Armageddon’… Scary  Elle Macpherson, 54,

Sunday History

2,000-year-old Roman cemetery discovered in England CIA declassifies jokes… A ‘Jewel Of The Roman Empire’ Is Now A Hub For Illegal Immigrants, Smugglers The ancient amphitheater of the city of Sabratha — considered a “jewel of the Roman Empire” — is scarred by bullets and littered with shell casings from roving smugglers and illegal immigrants, the French outlet AFP