Sunday History

2,000-year-old Roman cemetery discovered in England

CIA declassifies jokes…

A ‘Jewel Of The Roman Empire’ Is Now A Hub For Illegal Immigrants, Smugglers

The ancient amphitheater of the city of Sabratha — considered a “jewel of the Roman Empire” — is scarred by bullets and littered with shell casings from roving smugglers and illegal immigrants, the French outlet AFP reported.

Ancient 3,000-year-old container found with traces of opium

Galileo toned down his heretical words, long-lost letter proves (but the Church persecuted him anyway)

Hidden Pyramid Among Thousands of Ancient Maya Structures Revealed by New Aerial Survey

As noted, the survey resulted in the identification of 61,480 ancient structures,

This is super amazing

Fascinating pictures show New Yorkers beating summer heat at city’s pools in the 1930s and 40s

Massive ancient building discovered in Egypt

Incredible photos of the last czar and the Russian royal family surface

Archeologists find 60 Roman British skeletons buried in field

The colorful stripy socks that reveal the ancient Egyptians were more fashionable that we thought