Saturday Politics

MAGA-Themed Toy Set Encourages Kids to ‘Build the Wall’   Law enforcement using mysterious new tool to unlock cellphones… TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Jerry Brown Eased California Logging Rules Back In August 10 economic trends to be thankful for in often-maligned California Soros dumps Facebook, Netflix stocks just before they dipped: report Why Communist China Home to So Many Billionaires… Blue State Blues:

Friday News Explosion

i don’t get it ‘Avengers’ Star Sebastian Stan Takes Naked Scooter Ride During Movie Shoot ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Star Todd Bridges KO’d While Keeping Peace in Neighbor Dispute Church fire leads to discovery of illegal gambling room, authorities say Iconic surfer Hobie Alter featured in new John Wayne Airport exhibit Alec Baldwin Arraigned After Being Arrested For Alleged Parking Spat Mysterious sea creature

Netflix: Cam

[Watch] Netflix made a movie about Cam Girls written by a Cam Girl. The movie is pretty tame, just a few topless scenes. It’s not out of control like you would imagine. Super tame. They captured the fat cat who dumps the most money that they all have to kiss up to. I see that

Tuesday Politics

White House Announces New Rules For Press Conferences After Acosta’s Antics Migrant caravan may be in unwelcoming Tijuana for long-haul, US continues border fortifications Republicans Want Trump To Declassify A New Batch Of FBI Documents Democrats Moving To Lift 181-Year-Old Restriction On Religious Headgear For New Muslim Women Members Monica Lewinsky’s parents break silence about Bill Clinton affair and share

Monday Random Games

Star Citizen’s ‘Free Fly’ event lets you test drive $9,000-worth of space planes Fan-made ‘Half-Life’ remake ‘Black Mesa’ is nearly complete Telltale’s The Walking Dead Development Underway With Previous Team Members Scrubs Actor Says Epic ‘Jacked’ His Dance for Emote I want one What we’re buying: RetroStone’s smart take on retro handheld gaming You don’t have to care about finishing Red Dead