Thursday Games

Sources: Microsoft Is Close To Buying ObsidianIn Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Kassandra is better than AlexiosAssassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Giant Boar Is A Pain In The AssHow Fallout 76 handles combat with VATSReport: New Nintendo Switch Model Coming In 2019Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Female Crews Sing Different Sea ShantiesModern politics is a Trojan horse in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey[NEW PRODUCT] Levitating Snowball | Pre-Order Now! | OverwatchOvercooked 2

Random Old News

£200m superyacht Mirage turns invisible to anyone more than 50m awayLame  Samsung Is Following Apple’s Lead And Yanking This Part From Its PhonesCryptocurrencies Just Plummeted $13 Billion in Value Over the Course of a Few Hours800-pound hammer stolen from California community centerTom Cruise, 56, hasn’t aged one bit as he films scenes for Top Gun: Maverick on a motorcycleCalifornia holding $9.3

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Hey workers that have to keep taking Sexual Harassment training. IAS, just had an episode that is as shocking as can be. You’ll never sit through those meetings again without thinking about this episode. haha. Paddy’s has been put on a list of bars that are sexually hostile to women, so the gang must attend

Red Sparrow

Halfway decent. I thought the casting on the dude was horrible. He was ugly and shouldn’t have even been in the movie, IMO. [IMDB]  The story was somewhat predictible and unbelievable but Jennifer Lawrence thought hey you’ve seen $1,000 pictures of me nude via the leak so why not start showing my naked body in

Sparkling water LaCroix is forced to DENY it contains cockroach insecticide

Now I’m Scared to Drink it. haha. [READ MORE] A class-action lawsuit against LaCroix was filed Monday in IllinoisIt claims the brand knowingly falsely claims to be ‘all natural’ and ‘100% natural’The lawsuit says the drink contains ingredients found in cockroach insecticideLaCroix’s parent company National Beverage Corporation calls the claims ‘false’

Canada is insanely diverse

I’ve seen nothing but white people except for 1 Asian couple and 1 black couple in the capital 45 mins away but they carry on with 100% diversity anyway. They make everyone speak French, even for no reason. Every damn item including random memorial stones have French on it hah. Their forms are also super

I’m in Canada

Slept 20 hours first day, 10 second. Today it’s going to rain. I have no computer but one is here. Im just doing 3 phone games as usual.  It’s just me and my daughter.  Photos on facebook. I scouted metal detecting spot but someone was already doing it which is super lame. One town has