Buying Field Hockey Stick Tips – Types Of Material Used

With the number of hockey sticks we have today, selecting an area hockey stick can be a challenging task, particularly when you’ve no idea what you’re searching for.

That is why I created a guide to help you select the ideal area hockey stick.

We will be looking at a few of the factors you need to bear in mind when selecting equipment used in field hockey.


To enable you to focus and also enable you to play much better, obtaining a stick that’s the proper size as well as shape is crucial.

You would prefer your sticker to touch the hipbone, but this can differ considerably based on your body. The length of a stick will usually vary from twenty-four” to 38″; A somewhat longer stick will improve your reach, while A shorter stick will boost your stick handling abilities.


Area hockey sticks vary from approximately 535 g to around 680 g in weight. It all depends mainly on individual preferences. Lighter weight sticks, for instance, are generally chosen by the attacking players as they enable quicker backswings and stick skills.

These sticks tend to be heavier, making them much better for bringing agility and speed to your game and clearing balls and passing.


Carbon provides the stick rigidity. Your strikes will be a lot more effective the more significant the carbon percentage. A much less carboned stick can make trapping less complicated and enhance control. Higher carbon dioxide sticks are more costly.

A few of the sticks utilized in field hockey are manufactured from fiberglass. It provides a stick with much more tenacity power and also feels fantastic. These sticks tend to be more tolerant than carbon sticks as they’re less rigid. Much like carbon, fiberglass tends to be less expensive.

Solid wood sticks still are preferred by Some players. When dribbling as well as receiving, solid wood sticks boost the management. This’s a lot more inexpensive option, and it is much better for novices.

Being a novice, it’s suggested they start with reduced co2 amounts and move up to higher degrees as they improve.


From the handle to the toe, it is possible to notice the bow of a stick to be a slight bend in the middle of the stick. The most excellent range associated with this will be 20mm, twenty-five mm. Your bow selection will be determined by your level of skill, age, and choice.

The more bend the stick, the less difficult it gets to use lifted drag flicks, aerials, and shots. You’ll be in a position to control the ball better, and also, you will not be lifting it off the floor in case you do not have any bends.

Toe Shape

The toe portion of the stick is the curve amount and may influence how players use the stick. Tiny feet tend to be more agile but control the strength, while more giant feet provide more surface area to hit and get the ball but limit the motions.