Where Can I Wear My Suit?

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Suits are sophisticated, but unfortunately, they are not appropriate for every occasion. That doesn’t mean suits are going out of style.

Once you find the perfect suit, don’t let it sit in your closet forever, here are some events where you can show off your new suit.


You always want to dress your best at weddings. Unless it is noted that it is a very laid back wedding, you should always wear a suit to a wedding. Even if you do not have a role in the wedding, as a guest, you are responsible to dress nicely.

Funerals & Celebration of Life Events

Funerals are never a fun event to attend, but you should always pay your respects by wearing a suit. And instead of funerals, many people are holding special Celebration of Life parties. This is another time you should wear your suit. It is a way to honor the passing of a loved one or friend.


Graduations or any special event (hello black tie!) also always calls for a suit. With these events, they are a little more casual, so you might be able to get by with only wearing part of the suit. Bring your jacket, but don’t worry about wearing it all the time. Also, you can probably ditch that tie for graduations.

Business Meetings

Business meetings are when you really need to dress to impress. Not all professions and all meetings require a suit. But if you are a lawyer, doctor, business owner, manager, or looking to impress, you should always wear your suit, and yes, with a tie. If you are ever unsure you might be too dressed for a business meeting, don’t be afraid to ask your mentor or boss.

Media & Legal Settings

Of course, anytime you are in a legal setting or appearing in the media, you should put on your suit. Especially when appearing in court or dealing with legal matters, this is a time you should never question if you should wear a suit. And if you are representing your company in any of these settings, make sure you are taking pride in your appearance with a nice suit.

Remember, if you are ever unsure of the dress code of an event, simply ask! Or when all else fails, wear that suit.