Why You Should Sync Your Contacts for Your Business

When you have a business, you need to make sure that you can connect your apps and sync your contacts. It’s not the end of the world, but it sure does make your life easier. Syncing your contacts between your business cloud apps is easy if you know what to do and have a reliable system in place. Like many businesses, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and energy into various business apps such as CRM, email marketing, marketing automation and accounting software. 

What you might have discovered is that these separate apps don’t always play very nice together. There are a few things that you can do to sort this though. Depending on what you need it for you though you could use a company like Zapier if you are interested in a one-way sync. However, this isn’t always the best solution, so it’s better to use Zapier alternatives if possible. You might find that it’s better to have a system that allows you to fully sync data between two apps (instead of one).

Saves Time

If you don’t sync up your contacts, then you’ll probably find that every week or month you’ll have to go into every single database and export data and then import more data. It takes a lot of time, particularly if you are a growing business. You might find that your contact list is getting out of hand and you can no longer do things manually. If you have a large customer database, then importing/exporting information can take up a lot of time.

If you sync up your contacts, then you can easily save time and spend that time on more important things. You might also find that since it takes so long to sort out your data, that you might miss out on important details. This means that your company could be losing out on business and this is something that you don’t want to happen. 

Makes It Easier for Your Employees 

If you are having to constantly export/import data and check that everything is up to date, then this can cause a huge headache for your employees. Apparently, about 80% of the work that is done by your employees is taken up by just sorting out your data, rather then actually analysing. 

If you are still getting your employees to import/export your data, then you are living in the past! Anything that has to be done more than three times really needs to be automated. Even if it takes you a little while to sort it all out the first time, once it’s down you’ll find that it saves you so much time in the future. It will always make your employees happier as well, as their job becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable. 

Will Benefit Your Business

There are so many benefits that can come from syncing up your contacts, that if you haven’t already done it, you really need to get it sorted. For starters, it will save your employees so much time, meaning that they can focus on more important things. Like how to push your business’ sales. If your employees actually have time to analyse your data, then they can figure out what your customers actually want, meaning that you can get maximum profit.There are so many things that you can do to help your business grow and prosper. You just have to find the right thing for you though. If you have a new business, then it’s a good idea to do a bit of research first and figure out what your goals actually are. You might decide that you want to focus on other things, such as how to improve how your employees are trained. If this is something that interests you, then you can check out this article here