10 Tips for Effective Marketing on Twitter

In today’s world, it is absolutely necessary to stay up to date on new business marketing strategies, techniques, and promotional concepts.

What Social Media Platforms Can do for your Business

If you have been paying attention, then you should already know that social media is currently dominating the marketing industry by far. Today, almost every seller has taken part in conducting business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. By utilizing these programs to promote products or services, many businesses have gained numerous benefits. The following are just some of the many ways social media platforms can help your business thrive:

•    Introduce your business, products or services to the Public

•    Gain a following

•    Boost sales

•    Build clientele

•    Stay ahead of your competitors

•    Make important announcements

•    Get feedback and reviews

•    Answers customer inquiries

•    Hold special sales, events, and promotions

•    Conduct surveys or polls

•    Have contests or giveaways

•    And more

10 Twitter Tips for Attorneys (try saying that ten times fast)

1.    Create a professional profile

Include the name and contact information of your firm, hours of operation, and your experience.

2.    Send out helpful tweets regularly containing useful information on legal issues

Every day we are finding out about laws we didn’t know existed, you can help give people insight on how to stay out of trouble by briefly explaining some laws.

3.    Engage with new followers

Show your followers that you are active and you appreciate them following you by sending them a short “thank you have a great day” note when they click to follow you.

4.    Follow others and many will follow you in return

One way to gain followers is by following. For example, if you’re an attorney specializing in music law, try following some other music law attorneys’ followers. It is also a good idea to check your list later and remove those who did not follow you back so that you will only have active followers in your group.

5.    Use the recently introduced Twitter analytics

Twitter now offers an analytics tool that members can use to keep track of which content gets more clicks, which tweets get the most engagement and more.

6.    Respond to inquiries ASAP

One mistake many businesses and firms make is not responding to clients in a timely manner. Responding quickly to inquiries says a lot about how you conduct business.

7.    Use Hashtags to link related content

Hashtags allow users to find specific information. For example; you send out a tweet that says: “#law music attorney available” and when someone searches for, ”#law music attorney” your tweet will be included in the search results.

8.    Stay active and up-to-date with announcements

You can announce special rates or deal promotions available.

9.    Retweet content related to your field

Retweeting other people’s tweets has many benefits: it can help you gain more followers, share important messages, shows you are active, and more.

10.    Share your opinion on certain issues to start a conversation

Think about current events people are talking about and share your opinion on it and most times, others will engage.