Welcome to my new POS Site

Text like this is from me

Check out the page numbers at the bottom for more news items.

We randomly updated and I was in no way prepared to work on this yet. haha.

21 thoughts on “Welcome to my new POS Site”

    1. Nah I’m an EDITOR. I haven’t been a web designer past the first 2 months of 1998. We hired a web designer. I’m content focused.

  1. Damn I can’t believe I still visit this site. haha ever since wc2.

  2. Such a mess compared to the old layout. I keep coming back every other day, hoping it will be better. Old habits die hard, I guess.

    1. yeah it’s hard when the whole site has been broken for weeks. Nothing I can do but switch themes.

  3. Were accounts wiped as well? I haven’t been on in probably 3 or so years and just came back to see all this. I can’t login, but I also don’t remember which account name I used.

  4. Are you trying to beat reddit to see who can do a better job of making their website worse?

  5. Wow. I mean I’ve seen bad websites…but man, this one takes the cake. It’s like a first year college student set this pos up.

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