Thursday Random News

Apple reveals $999 5.8-inch XS, $1,099 6.5-inch XS Max with waterproof display, all-new cameras

Apple announced its most expensive iPhone yet with the $1,099 6.5-inch XS Max that features a Super Retina display. The $999 5.8-inch iPhone XS features an improved camera and processor.

Dealer pleads guilty to helping cheat casino out of $1M

A man who worked as a baccarat dealer at a Maryland casino pleaded guilty on Tuesday to helping players cheat the casino out of just over $1 million in exchange for a share of the proceeds.

Founder of GoFundMe account for homeless man is arrested on traffic warrant: report

A man accused of misusing the $400,000 raised for a homeless veteran was arrested Monday in New Jersey on an outstanding traffic warrant, authorities said.

Julia Roberts slams negative commenter who insulted her ‘ugly black nail polish’

Angry couple put their new ‘s***hole’ house for sale on Facebook with £50,000 slashed off the price

£90,000 bill for owners of world’s tallest hedge in Meikleour, Perthshire, to get it trimmed

Claire Mercer Nairne (inset), 45, is facing a £90,000 bill to maintain the 500m long beech hedge (pictured) in Meikleour, Perthshire, which was planted in 1745 and stands taller than 30m.

Elizabeth Smart kidnapper to be released from prison

Wanda Barzee, 72, will be released Sept. 19 after the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole determined it had miscalculated the time she previously served in federal custody.

Miss America Delivers All-Time Ratings Low…

Fishermen haul in monstrous skull and antlers of extinct Irish elk

‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D on ex Aubrey O’Day: ‘I dodged a bullet’

Hotel worker arrested in Saudi Arabia for eating with woman

Sylvester Stallone says new ‘Rambo’ movie production is ‘starting soon’

San Francisco Spends $53.7 Million On Street Cleaning, Expected To Jump To $60 Million In 2019

SUBWAY $5 Footlong going away…

Browse Netflix’s ‘Secret Categories’ With This Chrome Extension

Woman calls off her wedding after her fiancé’s mother DESTROYED her $16K dress

AMAZON to put workers in cage?

The first teaser for Netflix’s She-Ra shows off Adora’s transformation

Medieval board game is discovered in a secret chamber under a 13th century Russian castle

Burning Man Founder’s Son Busted for Shrooms at Burning Man

Indian billionaire’s daughter hires 12 staff while at university

More naked men than women appear on the walls of Britain’s top galleries say researchers

Homecoming queen trades tiara for helmet, kicks winning field goal

Navy ships are sent to protect British Second World War wrecks that are being plundered by pirates 

Inside AMAZON ‘hellish’ warehouses where staff forced to perform cult-like chants…

Geoffrey Owens Sifting Through ‘Whole Handful’ of Television Offers After Trader Joe’s Job Shaming

Air Force validates new weapons for its F-22 Raptor stealth fighter

GoFundMe vows to pay homeless man the $400k ‘stolen’ from him by couple who set up his fundraiser

World’s mega-rich ‘are leaving London for Paris’

Gold £25,000 Rolex watch up for sale after police found it in a mansion disguised as a shed

Cops Cuff Black Teen Riding With White Grandmother Because Someone Thought He Was Robbing Her

Boat captain on Natalie Wood yacht says Robert Wagner held him ‘prisoner’ for a year

Geoffrey Owens Accepts Offer From Tyler Perry and Will Appear on 10 Episodes

F-22 refines dogfighting and air-to-air combat tactics

Jennifer Garner tries her best to sell baby food at supermarket

Porn, sex toys, cocaine, hookers: life inside 80s Atlantic Records

US Open slammed after Alize Cornet is reprimanded for taking shirt off

They should tip her! Or they should fine her for turning around. 

Female Dallas cop who killed man in his home charged with manslaughter

34,000 probes dropped by Scotland Yard within 24 hours, leaving criminals free

‘ER’ actress Vanessa Marquez identified as woman shot by police in South Pasadena

North Carolina UPS driver’s 3-word failed delivery note becomes viral hit