This winter go to Riyadh


During winters (November-March) you can plan this time for Riyadh. You may experience a little bit cold during December-February as the temperature highs of the months are 26.6°C and 18.3°C. The summers are much scorching at this place and it’s difficult to travel between April-July. The summer temperature at this place often touches 50°C. Most of the time in summer’s temperature sticks to 40°C and never goes down.

But apart from the temperature problem, Riyadh has grown up from a small tribal area to the busiest city in the Middle East. Even though the city is fairly traditional, there are multiple things which tourists can enjoy in Riyadh.

For years, Riyadh was a favorite destination for business travellers. However, Saudi Arabia put its efforts to make this city an attractive one for tourists from all over the world. There are many entertainment and leisure ventures in the capital for tourists’ recreation. Right from the shopping mall, dessert trekking and parks, there are many activities which people can try.

The aim of this article is to make you aware about places to visit in Riyadh 2021.

Enjoy Shopping at Riyadh Gallery

The city malls are not merely limited to shopping, but are also known for socialising and dining. Tourists must visit Riyadh Gallery, as this three-story shopping area comprises international brands and high-street stores. It also contains a food court, with excellent dining outlets, and a mosque.

Visit the Saudi Arabia’s birth place

Although Riyadh has gained popularity because of glass skycrapers, business streets and bustling traffic, the city has also preserved the heritage and history reflecting its beautiful architecture. Tourist can see the fort of King Abdul Aziz which was renovated in the 1980s and became a museum in 1995.

Take lunch in suspended glass ball

People in Riyadh enjoy the luxurious and finest things in life. Al Faisaliah Centre is a commercial skyscraper in the business district. This building is the fourth largest in the world containing a glass ball suspended on the top. This huge ball is a restaurant from where one can enjoy 360-degree view of the city. The complete ball is made up of glass giving fine dine experience to tourists.

Visit museum and experience the rich heritage of the country

The National museum in Riyadh is the largest one in the country and contains parks and mosques along with the sculptures, audiovisual instalments and antiquities. The museum is a remarkable place showcasing the history of Islam, and Saudi Arabia in eight gallaries.

Take a look on the largest park of the country

Because of long summers, people prefer to stay at home. However, when the weather becomes considerably pleasant for a few months, people enjoy entertaining outdoor activities.

Tourists can visit The King Abdullah Malaz Park (KAMP) which covers a large area containing cafeterias, playgrounds for children and restaurants. The Park also contains a pedestrian pathway which covers the hill side view. The greenery around the surrounding area allows Riyadh people to have fun outside.

So, are you planning to escape to some exciting places this winter? Book Riyadh city tour with Almosafer today!