How You Can Travel to Some of the World’s Most Futuristic Cities

The futuristic world that we envision is creeping ever closer to our current reality. From driverless cars and virtual realities to smart speakers and fingerprint recognition, we really are propelling closer and closer to the future! The high rise tower blocks and flat fluorescent adverts that cover Japan’s architecture give off a real dystopian aesthetic. Who wouldn’t want to visit and experience these fantastical locations? Not only do they represent human technological and architectural evolution, but they also reflect our cultural and social progression too! Take a look at some of the most built up, populated and well established cities below, and take a look at how you can visit them too!

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Hong Kong

One of the most populated and forward thinking cities in China, Hong Kong really does represent the future of large cities and dystopian realities! The array of high rise building, skyscrapers and tower blocks make the city a truly spellbinding picture of human life. Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world, and it really is the pinnacle of all concrete jungles.

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Japan’s busiest and most populated city exhibits the futuristic mass that you would expect from an ultramodern specticle. It’s range of skyscrapers are lit up with thousands of neon advertorials, giving the impression of a fictional dystopia. This is a definite representation of the way in which the world is going! The juxtaposition between traditional pagodas, gardens and historic temples with city skyscrapers and tower blocks really is a futuristic spectacle!

Top Tip: When travelling to Tokyo it is worth noting that tips are not really the done thing in restaurants and cafes. Many service providers don’t accept tips, so don’t worry about leaving them!


One of the most renowned locations for luxury living, shopping and astounding architecture, Dubai will certainly give you a sneak peek into the future of humanity. With a largely financial, business and consumer led culture, this vast and wealthy corner of the United Arab Emirates exhibits a profoundly futuristic ambience. Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest skyscrapers that you will see in Dubai, and its base is accompanied by spectacular water features that are accompanied by a choreography of music and light! Now that is futuristic!

Top Tip: It is very much frowned upon, if not illegal, to publicly display attention in Dubai. Kissing, smooching, or anything too overt will attract negative attention. It may even land you in big trouble. Keep your smooches to yourself while in any public spaces!

Silicon Valley

This really is where all of our tech comes to life. California is home to the headquarters of many of the major tech companies of our time. From Google and Facebook through to Apple, this start-up city benefits from the technologies that are paving the way for the future! Globally recognised as a hub for all things tech, you are sure to get the look into the future that you are looking for when visiting Silicon Valley!

Top Tip: If you are interested in the rise of technology, computer science and design then it is definitely worth heading to The Intel Museum. Here you will find a history of Intel’s evolution! The manufacture and design of products as well as the rise of technology in the global marketplace is uncovered. Plus it’s completely free!  


If your looking beyond the technological and architectural spheres of your adventure into the future, then Canada may have what you are looking for. Toronto is said to have one of the most culturally diverse populations in the world! Around 50% of the people that reside in the city were born outside of Canada, and this paired with the city’s magnificent skyscraper skyline will certainly have you feeling like you have stepped into the future. Plus, you can easily find a Toronto coach rental.

Top Tip: If you want to mix up your exploration of the human focused future with spectacles of the ever prevailing natural world then it is definitely worth taking a day trip to Niagara Falls. The falls are located a mere two and a half hours from the bustling city centre of Toronto!

The future is upon us. More and more cities are growing, adapting and developing. From ambitious skyscrapers and technology hubs to multicultural integration, we really are heading towards a more futuristic world. So why not experience it for yourself? Take some time to visit the world’s most futuristic cities, and see the evolution of man first hand!