The World’s Most Beautiful Crowd-Free Destinations

Travelling is a lot of fun – of course! But it can get a lot less fun, and in fact, more of a nightmare real fast if you’re fighting through crowds, standing in long ques outside tourist landmarks – or even just to get a seat at a restaurant or a sunlounger on the beach. Unfortunately, many places around the world have become overcrowded due to popularity, but few people realise there’s so many destinations that are extremely beautiful (sometimes even more so than the tourist hotspots) and provide visitors with exclusivity and privacy. A budget getaway can be great for your pocket, but if it means compromising your sanity, then is it really worth it? Of course not. This is why we recommend you save up a little longer to explore the places that are gorgeous, exclusive and make you feel like it’s your paradise, alone! 

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  • Thanda Island, Tanzania

Thanda Island is not very well known, yet one of the most charming, exquisite private islands on earth. Now, of course, because it’s private you’re guaranteed to avoid the crowds. On Thanda Island it’s just you, the crystal clear ocean, palm trees, white sand beaches and of course the staff that are at your beck and call 24 hours a day. What more could you want! Thanda Island is the real deal when it comes to private island getaways and you can be sure to feel like the king or queen that you are. They also offer unrivalled activities including sunrise or sunset yoga, yachting, kayaking, volleyball, tennis and more. Thanda is situated off the coast of Tanzania, and can be accessed by helicopter from the mainland, or by boat – you see, we weren’t joking when we said it’s a complete private island getaway – it’s privacy and exclusivity at its finest. 

  • The Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is a natural wilderness; think green rolling hills, mountains and valleys, charming little villages and more. Nature certainly reigns supreme – even the population is miniscule compared to other parts of the UK. It’s surprisingly also not the place that speaks to every type of traveller, but it certainly is right up the alley of nature-enthusiasts, those who value open space and tranquility and are looking to be totally immersed in it. For some people, it can be too isolating, but for others it’s exactly what they’re looking for, and since there’s very few parts of the world as quiet, content and beautiful as the Isle of Skye, it’s a real treat for most. The Isle of Skye is a soothing, serene landscape that does wonders for one’s mind, body and soul and is the ideal place to break away from the busy city life. 

  • Puglia, Italy

Puglia is Italy’s hidden gem. While everyone flocks to tourist hotspots like Rome, Capri and Positano, Puglia remains a quiet, beautiful, crowd-free spot. It’s also a coastal location with plenty of crystal clear water beach coves, quaint beaches, small towns and more. Puglia is one of the best places in Europe to soak up the sun, eat amazing pizza and pasta, visit markets and experience the authentic Italian culture. Even though it’s small, it’s true to its Italian roots – and, in fact, you’ll get a much better taste of the Italian culture and way of life, than you would in a tourist-y, more international corner of Italy. Puglia is also ideal for those looking to properly relax without having to fight for a spot on the beach or get a pic of a beautiful local landmark – there’s few tourists, but who knows if it’ll stay that way much longer!

  • The Hamptons, New York

The Hamptons is New York’s little stress-free sanctuary. A mere hour outside of the city, it is the perfect place to get away and catch a breather. It’s also a small coastal town, situated both on the ocean front, and near to one of the most gorgeous lakes in New York. What’s great about the Hamptons is that it’s so different from the overcrowded skyline of central NY; one can actually see the horizon without a mammoth skyscraper blocking the view! The homes and coastal bungalows are also very distinct and very charming too – it feels like a real getaway much further from the city than it really is.

  • Montenegro, Southeast Europe

Montenegro is a stunning European city that is filled with enchanting olde-world charm, and perched on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Here again, it’s exquisite, yet very quiet compared to its neighbouring countries of Croatia, for example. Montenegro is ideal for the traveller looking to laze in the sun on the beach or a yacht and go completely under the radar. Those interested in history architecture and nature will absolutely love Montenegro.