The Riding Gear for Jet Skis You Need This Summer

Jet skis have been soaring in popularity in recent years, and their easy-to-use features make it the perfect summertime vehicle for riders of any age. Many people assume any attire is fitting for hitting the waves but keeping safe and protected means choosing the right gear.

Any time you’re getting behind the wheel of a powered vehicle, safety has to be the top priority. Instead of throwing on any old motorcycle jacket or tee shirt, here are some accessories that will make your next trip to the beach bot fun and safe.


It doesn’t take long for jet ski enthusiasts to learn that you’ll need to wear something warm for when you end up on the wrong side of the ocean. A wetsuit designed for surfing will give you excellent flexibility, and for less coverage, you can always opt for designs with shorter legs and sleeves.

Like a motorcycle protective suit, drysuits will keep the chill out and let you fully enjoy your day at the beach. Many riders prefer these since, as the name implies, they keep you dry and warmer in cold temperatures.

Gloves and Boots

Having fun in on the water can leave you with little traction to stay on top of things. Those shopping for cheap motorcycle accessories know that losing your grip can be the first step towards a bad accident.

Invest in some decent gloves to make sure you can keep your fingers on the handlebars and maintain control when things get dicey. Grab a good pair of water shoes, too, so you’ll have your feet firmly planted during those crazy turns and jumps.

Life Vest

Even if you forego any other gear, don’t leave your life preserver at home. Invest in a quality flotation device that will give you excellent freedom-of-movement while giving you the safety needed for the sport.
While you can enjoy a jet ski in anything from a motorcycle jackets to just a speedo, keeping safe should always be important. Shop online for the best gear to say safe this summer no matter where your jet ski takes you!