The Best Ways to Find Out if He’s Cheating

No one wants to wonder about it, but if you’re in a relationship, the thought has probably crossed your mind: what if your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you? Many relationships end because one person cheats on the other, and learning that your partner is cheating on you can be devastating. However, what’s even more devastating is feeling suspicious, but not actually knowing. Here’s how you can avoid that pitfall and quickly discover if he’s cheating.

Note Any Behavioral Changes

This is the biggest way to tell whether he’s started doing something shady. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s cheating, it does often mean that he’s doing something he doesn’t want you to find out about. That’s a surefire sign that something’s wrong

These behavioral changes may include stereotypical signs, like staying out at work and going on “work trips” more frequently. However, it may be more neutral, like eating less and making more frivolous purchases, or even the opposite of those stereotypical signs, like becoming a homebody. It’s all about whether his behavior is out of the ordinary.

Pay Attention to His Little Comments

Sometimes your suspicions can start building up because of very little things. Even though he’s probably good enough at lying to not directly mention his mistress, he might accidentally drop little hints that things aren’t exactly what they seem. You need to notice these little comments and file them away to remember for later.

There are a few ways that you might glean information from these comments. He might offhandedly say something that he’s contradicted in other conversations because he’s having a hard time keeping his lies straight. He might also say something that indicates he hasn’t really been paying attention to you lately. Lastly, you might also notice that he simply doesn’t make as many little comments, whether because he doesn’t care or because he doesn’t want to give himself away.

Be Wary of Overreactive Outbursts

Cheating is difficult, and many men cheating on their partners actually have a lot of guilt over the situation. Because he’s hiding it from you, he’s likely to just feel guilty and upset a lot of the time. That can come out at a lot of inappropriate times, and he might even do it in the form of an angry outburst at an otherwise very innocent comment or behavior.

This is a problem whether he’s cheating on you or not. Unhealthy behaviors are cause for alarm whether they’re in the context of cheating or they’re just a general behavior. If he has outbursts at you, that means there’s something wrong, and you need to confront him about it as soon as possible. In such uncertain scenarios, you may even want to consider utilizing available resources to professionally trace a person to further shed light on his actions.

This measure not only helps in ascertaining any potential deceit but should be undertaken prudently and within legal boundaries. However, the key here is to address these problems directly with him. Communication is often the most effective way to gain clarity in any relationship.

Use Online Tools

In today’s modern age, there are plenty of online tools that you can use to find out whether someone’s cheating on you. That includes general online searches, people searches, social media, and other tools. You just have to know how to use them, so you can effectively find out what your partner is doing behind your back.

Social media has made it pretty difficult to hide everything about your life. If you’re trying to see whether your partner has a secret secondary profile that he uses to communicate with a mistress, you can look around on social media to try and find it. Use any pseudonyms you’ve heard before to look even further. Expand that to a general internet search to cast a wider net. You can also use a people search for more direct information about him.


Even though it can seem a little hopeless when you only have a suspicion that your partner is cheating and you don’t have much in the way of tangible proof, there’s still hope. With these tips and tricks, you can make sure that your suspicions aren’t just suspicions. Use them all or just pick and choose — they’re all useful ways to either confirm or deny what you’ve been wondering about your partner.