Real Estate Apps- Do they Make Work Easier for Realtors?

The real estate industry has experienced numerous changes, thanks to technological headways. One key technological advancement is the advent of real estate apps. They have notably transformed the property acquisition processes, and are priceless tools to realtors. But are they worth it? Read on to find out.

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Things To Consider First

Investing in a real estate app is the best thing that you can do to your clients. The app enables you to check out the properties on sale, ongoing projects, and book their preferred properties. Buyers can use the app to retrieve useful property information like location, price, and images, and many more. Your ability to offer such information easily will enhance your customer experience and help you attract new clients.

Some features in these apps allow for map searches for clients who are short of time. For instance, “Contact Us” provides clients with the site location and the landmarks such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and hotels. And this makes it easier for any client who is unable to visit the site physically.

 However, this doesn’t underestimate the role of a real estate agent. You should hire an experienced realtor to guide you in the process of buying a property. Luckily, real estate agents such as movoto will make the process more comfortable. They will equip you with real estate information and also connect you to the right realtor. 

2. Virtual tours/ Showcasing properties

In the past, you could only satisfy your curiosity by looking at a property sample. You’d also find a simple apartment image in most real estate websites. There’s no way you’d determine the actual look for your property of choice. 

However, things have changed- and for the better. You can now take a virtual tour and view rooms like you would during a physical visit to a property. How does this benefit the realtor? It’s now easier to show properties online, and this leads to more business.

3. Improved customer support& Communication

Communication is an integral aspect of the real estate business. The features incorporated in most real estate apps allow for effective communication and contact between the client and the realtor. With the app, you can easily update clients on the latest property listings and other pertinent information.

4. Speedy sales process

In the past, the process of property acquisition was tedious and stressful. With these apps, you can expedite the process for buyers, making it easier to sell or buy a home. Buyers can even book enlisted properties online using the apps. They offer various booking facilities, and buyers can pick their preferred property size and payment plan.

5. Effective marketing

Having a real estate app enables you to market your business with no additional costs. The app will help you deliver special offers and deals to buyers in real-time. If you’re using social media on top of the app, then this is a plus. You can easily reach a vast number of clients, and this translates to more business.

6. Creation of business identity

Using real estate apps enables you to reach a wide audience, and this boosts business growth. These apps can help you build business identity and brand. This way, you draw more clients and grow your business.

 What are the top-rated real estate apps?

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Real estate apps make it easier to locate your preferred property. There are different real estate apps, and all come in distinctive features. Most of these apps are designed for realtors, real estate brokers, and residential developers. Examples are;

  • BiggerPockets

 BiggerPockets is a reputed real estate networking platform. It’s also an information resource and is designed for investors, homeowners, and professionals. It’s a valuable tool for people seeking new investment properties.

  • Craigslist

Craiglist is one of the valuable mobile apps in the real estate business. It’s a powerhouse for both buyers and renters. As a realtor, you can use it to generate leads and sales.

  • Home mortgage calculator

The calculator is available for iPad and iPhone users. It’s useful for buyers; in and you can use the app to plug in all the details of a proposed deal to get a rough idea of the payment amount. You also get to know if they accept the deal and even seek a mortgage to finance it.

  • IREM Comps App

The IREM Comps App is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. It enables property owners to consolidate information from three different properties and determine the most suitable rent amount for a subject property. You can also use it to convey information to others for analysis.

A quick wrap up

The use of real estate apps has since made life easier for realtors, property buyers, and sellers alike. You can use these apps to showcase listed properties and take clients on a virtual tour of the properties on sale. Buyers can also use it to search for their properties of choice based on location and size. Real estate apps enhance communication and have since transformed how realtors do business.