Digital marketing: These four trends are not to be missed

Although 2020 brought many unexpected events and massive changes, some areas of work are still evolving, and the planet continues to function. We are all slowly adapting to the “new normality,” and by that, new channels of communication and new ways of functioning of companies are still being developed. Since our conversation in the last few months has been mostly limited to digital channels, it is not surprising that new digital trends are continuously evolving. This benefits both users and marketing managers, who use these channels to promote their brands, whether those are fruits and vegetables or free mobile games on JerkDolls.

New networks

Although Facebook and Instagram are still the most dominant social media, an increasing number of young people are switching to Tiktok. This social network is predicted to reach 50 million users by 2021. In addition to Tiktok, although it sounds unusual, Messenger and WhatsUp are in the lead. This is not surprising, since Facebook also owns these two applications. It looks like the only thing left for Facebook to take over are lesbian porn games and similar stuff.

Educational sales

Theory and practice have shown that the sales process takes much shorter if customers have all the necessary information about the products they buy. This year, it is expected that the complete system and the steps from the introduction to the sale will change. Namely, it is predicted that from now on, customers will have the task to read materials about products between two conversations to get all the answers to the questions they may have. This way, you put them in a better position, because the next time they talk to you, they will feel like they are talking to an equal person.

Turning clients into ambassadors

Retaining existing customers is sometimes a far more demanding process than reaching new ones, and the fact is that these efforts have a much higher value than any other. This year, brand managers will try harder and harder to turn their loyal customers into brand ambassadors. How? Clients like to feel accepted, listened to, and as if their ideas have been adopted. So please do it. Listen to what is bothering them and offer your efforts to solve their problems. Reach them using digital communication channels and ask them to let you share their experiences with your audience.

Digital charisma

The public loves attitude. We are witnessing various changes and turmoil both on a global and local level. It has been shown that on social media, people value brands that appear in public and express their opinion on something silent. That is why it is more critical today than ever to build a bright and public digital personality that will appeal to your target audience. Even if they are not thrilled, there will always be someone else who will like it. In this way, you provide new clients, and even tighter those who are already loyal to you.