Author: nebu chadnezzar

Monday Politics

Christopher Steele, the former British spy who prepared the Russia “dossier” that has led to more than two years of investigations into President Donald Trump’s campaign, has told a London court that he was hired to provide a basis to challenge the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election in the event that Trump won.← It’s Happening

Beat Farcry 5

Update, beat it, Did nearly everything but 1 fishing quest and 1 wingsuit quest.  The ending super ends on a cliffhanger that requires you purchase the next $40 game. Original: It’s all I’m doing. I bought a combat chopper for 7,200 and I’m using that to clear the big bases from above. It’s hilarious. I

Wednesday Games

Red Dead 2: All Gold Bar Locations Red Dead Online: How to Earn XP Fast Removing The Film From A 30-Year-Old Console Is Satisfying And Horrible The PlayStation Classic’s emulation is even worse than we thought Starbreeze CEO steps down following Overkill’s The Walking Dead flop Sea Of Thieves’ Newest Update Makes The Game More Surprising And More Satisfying ‘Fallout 76’ Power

Got Katamari for Switch

IGN Review For $30. We haven’t found more than 1 level to play multiplayer. I hope there’s more to it. Official Page. We also got Smash Bros but I’ve never liked that series. The kids are enjoying it. The levels look amazing and it has 700+ songs to choose.

Netflix: Schitt’s Creek

I totally recommend this show on Netflix. There’s 4 seasons on there. It’s kinda like Bevery Hillbillys in reverse. The son “Dan Levy” is so hilarious and is the son of Eugine Levy. His expressions. haha. It’s got the mom from Home Alone except it’s been 30 years and she’s looking barely alive. haha. I