A Beginner’s Guide To Executing A Social Media Marketing Funnel

If you’re unsure of some topic regarding digital marketing and sales through digital marketing, you should talk with digital companies UAE, and they’ll explain everything you should know about how sales work, etc.

Also, you might be asking yourself what are sales funnels, and how can you implement social media marketing funnel into your ongoing marketing campaign? If that’s so, talk to your digital agency Dubai, and they’ll give you all the instructions and explanations you need, but before you do, read more about what social media marketing funnels are on this link https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2019/08/30/a-beginners-guide-to-executing-a-social-media-marketing-funnel/#1ee4b93964fd.

All You Should Know About Social Media Marketing Funnel

If your company is based in the UAE, you’re most likely to find many appropriate digital marketing companies in Dubai that can help you to understand better how social media marketing funnels work, and what can you gain from implementing them. Various companies in the UAE have already implemented many different funnels into their ongoing marketing strategies, and all of them got fantastic results.

Things You Need To Know About Marketing Funnels

A marketing funnel is a strategy that provides you with simple steps every customer should go through before you convert them into buying customers. We’ll explain what these steps are and how should they look like.


Customers may find or hear about a business that may be selling something they need through social media platforms or Google search, or they could even hear about that particular business from friends or colleagues directly. This is the first step of the way.

The Next Step

When they’ve discovered the existence of the particular business, they’ll perform online research which means that they’ll browse through pages on their website, possibly read the “about us” section, look through various products/services that the business offers, or even read through several blog posts. Also, here are some fresh blogging trends that every business should try https://expectnothing.com/5-cool-blogging-trends-your-business-should-try/.

Seeing What They Like Is An Important Step

When potential customers like what they see, they’ll try and find the “subscribe” option on the website. They also might add item(s) to the cart or even fill out the requested form within site.

Success Is Imminent

If everything goes as planned, you’ve made a new sale! Sales funnels aren’t as complicated as they may seem at first glance. They’re as simple as any other sales strategy, but you need to know the basics to implement them successfully.

Creating Your First Social Media Marketing Funnel

When you know what sales funnels are, it’s much easier to understand how to come up with a social media marketing funnel. Professionals recommend that you should start with your social media marketing funnel on a single platform. Monitor and measure its success, and when everything is as you want it to be, replicate the same system on all other social media platforms.

Brand Awareness Is An Essential Part Of Every Successful Marketing Funnel

When people haven’t heard much about your business or maybe they even did, but they don’t know much about your business anyway, this is the step that will allow them to get to know your company better.

To successfully build awareness about your business, you need to implement several crucial things – fantastic content, followed with potent words and compelling visuals. All these things combined will undoubtedly engage potential customers enough to make them want to learn more about your company, and ultimately, become your customers. Content should be fun, engaging, and it should provoke consumers’ thoughts.

Also, think about the essence of your brand as well as what can you provide to potential customers for free and without any obligation whatsoever. Whether you decide to provide them with answers to the frequently asked questions, or with How-To videos, or even provide them with links to incredibly informative blog posts, offer them various free tools, etc.

In case that you don’t know from where to begin, think about creating a video because videos have the most significant impact, which is usually much more prominent than words and pictures.

They Are Considering To Buy Something From You

When potential customers enter this stage, you’ll know you’re on the right path. This is the moment where you need to think of increasing the trust and credibility of your company. Sharing reviews and testimonials is a great way to achieve this. Also, retargeting your content to all the people that have shown at least some interest throughout the awareness stage. Since customers at this stage may be between making a decision or not, your approach should be a bit more aggressive to make them lean on the side you want them to go to.

The Final Step Is For Them To Decide

Digital marketing companies in Dubai say that when potential customers are almost prepared to make the big step like subscribing to the newsletter, click on your ad, or even making a purchase, you’ll know that they have a genuine interest in your products or services. You should present your customers with offers that they can’t refuse like a time-sensitive offer so they’ll make a quick purchase.