7 Best Flowers to Send in Delhi for Your Loved Ones

Flowers are the one which is used for various purposes. Whether it is a celebration or a time of expressing sorrow, flowers are the perfect gift to express all the emotions. If you are also looking for one of the best gifts for your near and dear ones who live in Delhi, then go with the super amazing flowers and express your emotions without hesitation. However, the right selection of flowers will be necessary to convey your message perfectly to your loved ones on special occasions. This article will help you in selecting the best flower for your dear ones, just read it till the end. 

There are a variety of flowers available in the market which can be sent anywhere across the country through online flower shops. So, do not worry, pick any of the below-mentioned flowers and send flowers to Delhi for your close ones on special days.


Tulip is a kind of flower which is available in different colours. The different colours of this flower behold different meanings. For instance, you can express love by sending a red tulip to your loved ones and you can choose a white tulip to apologize wholeheartedly.  


Roses are one of the best flowers to send to your loved ones on special occasions. They have a special quality to express love and passion to the recipient. So, do not wait any more, make a place in your loved one’s heart by sending a bunch of roses to them on various occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, wedding anniversary, etc. 


Orchid symbolises love, luck, and hope. Therefore, it can be a perfect choice to make someone realise that you are the one who loves and cares for them and also wishes good luck for them. Choose orchids and send your best wishes to the person you love with this beautiful flower.


If you want to present a beautiful bouquet of flowers in honour of a person whom you adore and respect truly then choose lilies. A bunch of lilies will perfectly show your feelings to them. A lily is a flower that can be offered to occasions like farewells, welcome parties, success celebrations, and so on.


When you want to appreciate the presence of your friends and family in your life, then nothing can be a better choice in flowers than carnations. It is a flower which symbolises admiration. So, without a second thought, you can choose carnation flowers for your loved ones to make them feel special.


Do you want to express all your feelings to your loved ones through a flower? If so, then sending daffodils to them will be highly appreciated. It is a flower that represents love, friendship, respect, faithfulness, modesty, etc. So, it will be a complete message to someone you really adore.


Hibiscus symbolizes beauty as well as love. So, send it to your beautiful girlfriend or wife or any special woman in your life who lives in Delhi on any special occasion. This flower will surely add an extra charm to their special days and also make your bond stronger.

So, whenever it seems impossible to reach to your dear ones on occasions, express your love to them just by sending flowers online to Delhi and many other places across India.