3 Conditions Men Should Stop Being Embarrassed About (And How To Treat Them)

There are many things that we all can be embarrassed about. Something we did back in high school, a joke made at a dinner party that received no laughs, and many other things you can think of as you try to go to sleep at night: but medical problems shouldn’t be one of them. First off, medical conditions, for the most part, aren’t anyone’s fault for having them. Having a hereditary heart condition is not your problem in the slightest. As our culture grows and becomes more accepting, the stigmas that came along with medical ailments is slowly falling away. Let’s look at three medical annoyances that men shouldn’t be embarrassed about (and how to treat them). 

Excessive Sweat 

Nearly everyone has had a moment in their life where they just couldn’t stop sweating: sitting at an outdoor graduation ceremony, driving in a car with broken air conditioning, or being in a room with too many people are some examples; however, there are some men that experience this uncomfortable problem many times a day. Our sweat glands can differ from person to person, some people have more active sweat glands than others with conditions such as hyperhidrosis. Luckily, doctors can prescribe nerve-blocking medications and prescription antiperspirants to combat and alleviate this problem. 

Erectile Dysfunction

A more intimate medical issue, erectile dysfunction affects more men than you would think — upwards of 25% depending upon the age bracket. This can be an embarrassing medical ailment but it’s important to remember that it’s a common occurrence that at least someone has had experience with (either directly or indirectly). However, battling the big boys such as Viagra and Cialis, there are more affordable and even mailable options such as Blue Chew. Also, new treatments such as shockwave therapies can help alleviate this problem by opening up blood flow. If you’d like more information in regards to Shockwave therapies, contact the medical experts at ThriveMD today.

Hair Loss/Receding Hairline

Lastly, another common ailment, experiencing a receding hairline is a common male issue. Compared to the two ailments mentioned, experiencing an amount of hair loss is almost inevitable (or turning grey). Hair transplantation and medications such as Rogaine can help alleviate and even reverse this issue. However, rocking a shiny noggin has become more and more acceptable in our culture. Don’t be afraid to grab your razor and be proud of your new, easily manageable look. Here are some more tips on how to create a healthy, everyday look.