7/17 – Site Update

7/17 – Work has my site blocked so I can sorta post but I can’t post images. So that’s why the blank images. haha. I have to wait until I get home to fix the images.

6/22 – Site functionality is still mostly disabled because of a rogue wordpress plugin which screwed over the whole server I guess. So It’s a lot harder to update. At this point it isn’t much better than my old site but I still get free hosting.

6/11 – Lot of things are disabled making it hard to post anything. That’s why the missing thumbs.

6/8 – Some vulnerable plugin for WordPress let someone hack the whole server. Make sure you run a virus scan. Don’t install anything that pops up.

Guess some super #*#*(&)% haxored my site and broke it all. My Kali Compton buddy fixed it for me

as far as I can tell.