Outdoor Furniture Auckland: Top Outdoor Furniture Stores in Auckland and Their Unique Offerings

We’ve been helping people in New Zealand choose the best outdoor furniture auckland for their homes, inside and out, for more than 100 years. Our 2021/2022 Outdoor Living Collection is made up of pieces from the best brands in the world and the best of what New Zealand has to offer.

We recently talked to Jayne Cross-Hunter, who is in charge of our furniture buying team, to find out what’s new this year, what new trends to look out for, and what her style tips are for the summer.

This year, what’s new?

There are many new tables with ceramic tops that look good and last a long time. These are just as pretty inside as they are outside. Because concrete is so popular, we’ve added a lot of new pieces to this range as well. In the collection, there is also walnut-colored teak from Harbour. Its buttery colour gives an alternative look to black teak and natural teak.

Leading outdoor furniture designers are investing in new and innovative materials to make outdoor furniture as comfortable as furniture you would find inside. Quick-dry foam has been made to be softer, and the use of dacron gives sofas a softer feel while adding another dimension.

What outdoor design trends have been emerging?

This year is all about taking ideas from inside and making the line between inside and outside less clear. The Harbour MLB Outdoor Coffee Table, with its travertine top that looks like natural stone from our kitchens, and the Harbour MLB Outdoor Dining Chair, with its weave that looks like rattan, are both inspired by the craftsmanship/artisan trend that has been popular indoors for a long time.

This is related to the long-lasting trend of using texture outdoors. Wicker will always be popular, but there is a real shift towards more modern and creative weaving techniques that look just as good with traditional architecture as they do with modern.

How can you make sure your outdoor furniture stays in the best shape?

When it comes to outdoor furniture, the old saying “Buy once, buy well” couldn’t be more accurate. The weather can be pretty rough on outdoor furniture, so it’s important to do your research so that your pieces don’t end up in the trash.

The other important thing is to follow the care instructions and make sure the amount of care fits your lifestyle. Even though all outdoor furniture should be made to be easy to clean, some pieces may need more care than others. Our consultants know how to take care of outdoor furniture and will give you expert tips on how to keep your pieces looking great for many years.

What styling tips do you have for people who want to change the look of their outdoor space this year?

Take ideas from your own home! In the past, outdoor spaces haven’t had the same inviting softness that we’ve perfected for our interiors, so look for pieces that bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor. This year’s collection is much softer, with lots of curves, textures, and a big focus on comfort, so you have a lot of choices.

Round coffee tables are also very popular. They soften the look of a room, especially when they are made of a modern material like travertine. They add an unexpected touch to straight lines in architecture and stand out against sleek, modern outdoor furniture.