How You Can Support You Partner in Lockdown

The global situation has not been easy for anyone, with all of us tasked with facing our own challenges during this difficult time. For couples, this has either meant spending a lot more time with each other than normal, if you live together, or far less time if you don’t live with one another.

Whatever category you fall into, there are plenty of ways that you can support your other half during lockdown. From showering him/her with love and affection to giving them a little bit of much-needed space, here are just some of the things you can do for the one you love, no matter stage of the relationship you are at.

Staying Together by Staying Apart

If you are in a new relationship, you are likely to be living apart from one another as you have not yet got to that stage where you have even considered moving in together. If so, this time is probably harder on you than it is for other couples. Having spent weeks and months away from the loving embrace of your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can take a strain on your mental health, as well as the health of your relationship.

Text messages and Zoom calls are the next best thing, but no doubt you are still craving the touch and feel of your other half. To let them know that you are still thinking about them, just in case they need a reminder, you can send them a surprise gift in the post. A cuddly toy, a beautiful bouquet of flowers or edible treats are certain to hit the spot. How about something personalised, such as a photo of the two of you together during much simpler times that feel as though they may have been taken years ago?

Couples Who are Feeling Stuck Together

On the flipside, there will be couples who may be feeling as though they are stuck together with no respite from each other. It doesn’t mean you don’t love each other; it just means that the stress of the situation is getting on top of you. Even the most madly in love couples need a break every now and then, and you are no different.

If you are worried that an increased amount of bickering is causing damage to your relationship, you might just need to take a few steps back and remember why you are with your man or woman in the first place. Consider making some romantic gestures, so as the home is filled with love not war. If you are both working from home, it may be worth looking into working from separate rooms so as you aren’t constantly together every minute of every day and, when the working day is finished, you once again begin to cherish that time together.

Pregnancy During Lockdown

This will be a scenario that many couples with undoubtedly be able to relate to. When you first found out about your pregnancy, you were no doubt excited about this wondrous time of your life and looking forward to sharing it with all your friends and family. It hasn’t quite turned out that way, though, but there is still no need to worry. Thousands of couples are in the same boat as you and you can still share this magical time with your loved ones by the usual means of messages and video calls etc. 

Support your pregnant partner by looking after things around the home and ensuring she is as comfortable as possible. Make sure to try and support your partner in keeping active during their pregnancy, making for a good excuse to turn on the workout videos. As well as physical health, remaining active is also good for mental health, which should be of even greater importance during this time.

No matter what you do, remember that your loved one is there for you as you are for them. These are unprecedented times, but they will pass. Look after each other and, when we can get back to normal, we will never take it for granted again.