How to create a good work/life balance during the coronavirus lockdown?

It’s no secret that the coronavirus has changed our lives a lot with the lockdown in place. However, in these trying times, it’s important to realize that we can still live out our lives to the fullest. And by that we mean that there are ways that you can achieve a good work/life balance while in quarantine! Self-isolation can take a heavy toll on your life balance, so there’s a good way to make yourself stay on track when it comes to all your goals and it includes separating your space into 4 distinct parts.


You need a place in your home that is dedicated just for exercising. Designate a room or a corner of a room to be the place where you workout. All you really need are a couple of dumbbells and a pullup bar. Apart from that, you’re all set and good to go. Make sure that you have an internet connection so that you can look up great workout routines online and it will be quite easy to designate an hour to exercise every single day


While exercising is important to keep your physical and even mental health in check, you will completely deteriorate without proper sleep. You need a good sleeping schedule and this means designating your bed as nothing other than the place where you sleep. If you play games in bed or like to have a snack in your bed, try to curb that behavior because it can mess up the way you perceive your bed. If you can’t fall asleep, go do something else like watching TV or playing sex and porn games and try again later.


And where do you watch TV and play those kinds of games? Well, you need a designated space for leisure activities. The couch is the perfect place for this and you should do everything that is entertainment related there. Want to play mobile games on your phone? Do it there. Want to watch a TV show or a movie? Do it on the couch. By making the couch the default place for these activities, you take away the possibility of you doing those things in other parts of your living space and in your life.


Finally, there’s work. You need a workstation that is just made for working. Wherever that may be, you need to make sure that your workstation is only made for that. If you get deconcentrated and want to do something else, leave the workstation. Instead, go to the leisure activity place (AKA the couch) and play some free adult games instead. This way you will feel like every time you sit at your desk it’s time to work. You won’t stray into other activities this way.

And that’s how you achieve the perfect work/life balance while stuck at home. Quarantine will feel as productive as before the lockdown began for you now!