Good WordPress plugins?

Have any experience with WordPress plugins? Have any to recommend? 

I also updated the left recent comments version with a better comment list. 

2 thoughts on “Good WordPress plugins?”

  1. I always use wp rocket (caching and performance), advanced custom fields (awesome for creating backend fields with conditional logic), gravity forms (for creating front end forms for users to submit their info)

    Yoast is the industry standard for SEO optimization and I consider it a must have
    Definitely avoid anything page builder like (visual composer is a popular one) and try and avoid using a slider plugin unless you absolutely need it (layerslider and revslider are the best if you do)….this category comes at a huge payload cost and your performance will poop
    Akismet is another must have if you have comments on the site (anti spam)
    And then some other ones I dig but you don’t necessarily need for a basic project are admin columns pro (customize which columns show in the backend), CMS page tree view (super nice if you have a ton of deeply nested pages), query monitor (for debugging purposes, kind of advanced), ubermenu (for building dope complex submenus without killing yourself, building wp nav walkers is a huge bitch), updraft (for local and remote scheduled backups), wp migrate DB pro (for moving databases between instances), wp offload s3 (for using AWS s3 storage for the wp media library)

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