Ram Mounts, High Quality Phone/Tablet Mounts

Having a good phone mount in your car, bike, etc., has become a necessity as phones have jumped in quality beyond most car info-tainment systems. This is especially the case if you have an older car where your phone bridges the gap between your cars age (for me 2003) and today’s times (Samsung Note 8).

But the problem we’re trying to solve here is a good phone mount that keeps your phone in place. Amazon offers a plethora of different phone mounts at around $20. Some of them include, suction mounts, vent mounts, mounts that plug into your USB ports, and more.

Previously I had been buying suction mounts for about $20. Unfortunately as the year(s) go by, the hot sun melts the suction cup to the point where it becomes glue that gets stuck to your windshield. It becomes unusable. So after the 3rd ore so replacement since 2012, I searched for a better option.

My rich friends suggested Ram Mounts. Now after going ther, I was completely shocked at the price. To get all three items that combined to create the mount it was about $75. However

  • if you think about how many times you’ve replaced the mount, this might be your final mount that you purchase.
  • it’s much easier to move from one car to another compared to the suction cup ones that stop sticking.
  • You can purchase different holders (for bike, etc) then bring the mount holding your phone from one vehicle to another.

Issues. I did experience a few issues.

  • They forgot to send one of the main parts (arm) that was needed to complete the set. So it didn’t fit together and it wasn’t clear to me as to why. So I had to wait week(s) for them to send the missing part.
  • It wasn’t clear to me that you use the included super glue to glue the 4 rubber pieces onto the phone mount. That keeps them from coming off all the time which was a huge problem for me. Once I glued them, they were fine.
  • Different temperatures cause the mount to slide down my windshield overnight. But after I replace it, it’s fine.
  • If you have a long phone like the Note 8, when you place it in the mount, often it hits the left volume max button which continually presses the volume up (and pops up a volume warning) until you move the phone down slightly.
  • You need both hands to put it in there. My crappier mounts I could do it one handed.


  • This mount is the most solid/secure mount I’ve seen so far. It’s really on there.
  • Transfers easy from car to car even with only one dash mount.
  • Adjusts to where I want it to go, exactly
  • You can buy different bases (one for car, one for bike) and drag the main thing around between them attach to the base.

Ram Mounts are high quality

My mount has been doing great for over a year with no sign of breaking so if you want a quality mount that is a step


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