Cool Tech Gifts to Give Your Kids This Holiday Season

A Game Console

The holidays are upon us, meaning many will be rushing out to the stores and filling their Amazon carts with gifts to give their loved ones. The average present has evolved quite a bit, however, and children are no longer asking Santa for baby dolls or rocking horses. Instead, many want fancy gadgets that are complex and cost nearly an arm and a leg. It’s not a bad idea to get these things for your kids, but they might be limited to one large gift in addition to some smaller ones. But how do you know what to get them? If you’re not sure, here are a few of the most popular tech gifts ideas for kids this holiday season.

If you’re someone able to get your hands on one of the latest elusive game consoles, your kids just might love you forever. While you might have a hard time finding a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, it could be easier to get a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox Series S (a cheaper and slightly less powerful version of the latest Xbox console). An older generation console is also a viable gaming option, being the Playstation 4 or Xbox One (they’ll just be glad to get a gaming console, period). They are still more than capable of delivering a joyous experience not just for the kids, but the whole family. Who said games were just for kids? Buy a game for yourself!

A New Smartphone

Calling technology has come a long way since the days of landlines and flip phones. Many customer service hotlines even have a hosted call center nowadays, plus people use wireless headsets for work or gaming all the time, demonstrating just how far we have come in terms of technological advancements. By far the greatest achievement, however, is the Smartphone. Nearly every person has one, allowing for a bottomless well of information that is both portable and fits in their pockets. It’s easy to understand why so many teenagers will inevitably be asking for a new one this holiday season, and if you plan on buying one for them (or possibly even a partner or parent) there are countless options to choose from, like one of the many Apple or Samsung products, to name a few of the most popular. They can be pricy, so grab a case to go along with it if you decide to gift one–you don’t need them coming to you with a cracked screen before New Year.

A Drone

Dones are no longer just for the military. Many people, both young and old alike, have taken to owning drones as an outdoor hobby. These unique little machines zip around in the sky and are capable of video recording and taking pictures of beautiful landscapes or events. These can be fairly expensive, but there are starter drones that are more affordable and less risky for beginners. Your child should be old enough and responsible enough to use these wisely and ensure that they are taken care of, but assuming you have granted them this pleasure, drones make great presents.

Happy Holidays!

Your kids will likely love whatever you decide to get for them, expensive or inexpensive, complex or simple. Get them a phone, a football, or take a family vacation instead! The point is that you enjoy the holidays as a family and are all together on Christmas day, or whichever other holiday you celebrate!