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Netflix: Schitt’s Creek

I totally recommend this show on Netflix. There’s 4 seasons on there. It’s kinda like Bevery Hillbillys in reverse. The son “Dan Levy” is so hilarious and is the son of Eugine Levy. His expressions. haha. It’s got the mom from Home Alone except it’s been 30 years and she’s looking barely alive. haha. I

Dammit, Lost $6,000

I thought I was saved when $6,000 magically appeared in one of my stock accounts for no reason. There was no history. It sat there for weeks but then finally a month + later, the history updated with a picture of the deposit which was a check to some completely other person in San Fran

The £30m Stealth ARV (Anti-Radar Vessel) yacht has been modelled on a military ‘stealth bomber aircraft’

[VISIT WEB SITE] The £30m Stealth ARV (Anti-Radar Vessel) yacht has been modelled on a military ‘stealth bomber aircraft’ It can hold eight guests and has a master suite that stretches the entire nine-metre width of the craft The yacht also has twin 1,200 horsepower engines and the 500-tonne vessel can cruise at a speed of

Friday News Explosion

i don’t get it ‘Avengers’ Star Sebastian Stan Takes Naked Scooter Ride During Movie Shoot ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Star Todd Bridges KO’d While Keeping Peace in Neighbor Dispute Church fire leads to discovery of illegal gambling room, authorities say Iconic surfer Hobie Alter featured in new John Wayne Airport exhibit Alec Baldwin Arraigned After Being Arrested For Alleged Parking Spat Mysterious sea creature

Netflix: Cam

[Watch] Netflix made a movie about Cam Girls written by a Cam Girl. The movie is pretty tame, just a few topless scenes. It’s not out of control like you would imagine. Super tame. They captured the fat cat who dumps the most money that they all have to kiss up to. I see that