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Tuesday Games

The voice of Red Dead: What happened to John Marston Devil May Cry 5’s Ridiculous $8,600 Bundle Intellivision plans comeback with a new console called Amico in 2020 Germany is Officially Recognizing Sim Racing as a Legitimate Form of Motorsport cool Fallout 76 Green-Glowing Vault Boy LED Lamp Gamer mocked for dumping ‘world’s hottest weather girl’ reveals TRUTH Rockstar responds to blowback over

Monday Games

Star Citizen’s latest promise rakes in almost a million dollars PS4 message hack allegedly bricks the console These $1,350 Game Boy-Themed Jordans Almost Look Worth It Google Announces Project Stream, Which Lets You Stream Games In Chrome

Monday Games

Fortnite Now Lets You Thank The Bus Driver Pro-gamer FaZe Censor DOESN’T regret dumping girlfriend Yanet Garcia Vaping Congressman, Whose Card Bought Steam Games With Campaign Money, Indicted On Fraud Charges Overwatch Players Discover New Form Of Psychological Warfare: Singing

Monday Games

U.S. Army staging a Street Fighter 5 tournament; winner competing at PAX Bee Simulator, A Game About Being A Bee Nerf Is Releasing Overwatch Guns Fortnite Player Wins $86,000, Gets Supportive Dad Speech Videogames Ascend into Musuem Art World… London Spitfire win Overwatch League’s first championship London Spitfire Wins The First Overwatch League Finals, $1,000,000

Grinding Stardew Valley

Me and my daughter spent like 15+ hours this weekend playing. She got married to some guy hahahah. She built an expansion to her house with a nursery. We got to the bottom of the mine finally. Weeks ago:  It’s on sale on steam for $12. We’re at 6-8 hours played. You can play multiplayer

Friday Games

The Xbox Adaptive Controller’s package design is just as accessible Nintendo’s Next Labo Game Is All About Driving (And Flying, And Swimming) GTA Online’s After Hours Expansion Almost Feels Like Single-Player DLC Sega’s new Phantasy Star is an RPG for smartphones Nintendo Suing Pirate Websites For Millions