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Bungie gets $100M from Chinese gaming company to grow to ‘multi-franchise’ studio

Destiny and Halo studio to ‘begin the creation of new worlds’ Bungie, the studio behind the Halo and Destiny franchises, announced that it’s received investment from NetEase, a massive Chinese online gaming company. The partnership opens up China to Bungie’s games, including Destiny 2 , for the first time. Source: Bungie gets $100M from Chinese

Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76

The next big game from Fallout developer Bethesda Game Studios is Fallout: 76 , the company announced today, and although the studio hasn’t yet said what it is, we hear it’s an online game of some sort. Here’s the teaser trailer: From what we’ve heard, this game is under development at both Bethesda Game Studios’

Valve Removes School Shooting Game From Steam

After a maelstrom of controversy that had mainstream news outlets and an anti-gun violence charity weighing in, Valve has removed mass shooting game Active Shooter from Steam. The unreleased game drew furor last week over its shameless exploitation of tragic subject matter. Source: Valve Removes School Shooting Game From Steam