Month: August 2018

Monday Politics

Obama administration approved $200,000 grant to group linked to Al Qaeda haha Recently Obtained Video Footage Shows Former Obama Admin Official Taking Pictures Up Woman’s Skirt he has a braided pony tail haha U.S. Provides $195 Million to Egypt in Military Aid Despite Human Rights Concerns Just Released: Here’s What The FBI Is Hiding About Christopher Steele Exclusive: Donald Trump Jr.

Monday Games

U.S. Army staging a Street Fighter 5 tournament; winner competing at PAX Bee Simulator, A Game About Being A Bee Nerf Is Releasing Overwatch Guns Fortnite Player Wins $86,000, Gets Supportive Dad Speech Videogames Ascend into Musuem Art World… London Spitfire win Overwatch League’s first championship London Spitfire Wins The First Overwatch League Finals, $1,000,000

Monday Random News

Samsung, U OK? NYPD pilots flew $4M plane in phallic-shaped route to troll boss No Man’s Sky Planet Has A Giant Sean Murray Face On It No Man’s Sky Planet Has A Giant Sean Murray Face On It Thieves wheel shark out of aquarium in baby stroller… These Slightly Wrong T-Shirts Will Enrage Your Nerdy Friends Papa John Schnatter Takes Papa John’s

Friday Politics

The NRA Says It’s in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be ‘Unable to Exist’   ^ haha after all those new members? Mismanagement? Judge Ellis Loses Patience with Mueller Prosecutors and Ends Court Early Over Screw-Up