Writing a Political Science Essay: 6 Web Resources to Get Help From

Getting resources for your political science essay project can be a complicated task especially if you want to write an excellent essay. You need to know where to source information for your project. That’s part of the research phase of your project.

If you are finding it difficult to source for materials for your essay, you’ve come to the right place. This post offers you a list of helpful web resources you can use for your essay writing project.

1. Wikipedia Is You Go-To Resource Page

Wikipedia is like the encyclopedia of the internet these days. You will likely get most of the information you need for your political science essay from Wikipedia. That is not to mean that you should quote the article on Wikipedia word for word.

You have to bear in mind that occasionally, some of the contents on Wikipedia may be incorrect or out of date. This is because of the large volume of resources on the platform and the limited number of people to handle the edits. There are three reasons why you should make use of Wikipedia to gather your resources.

The first reason is that the Wikipedia page will give you an overview of the topic you intend to write on. Secondly, the Wikipedia page also provides you with links to related ideas and resources on the content topic. Finally, you will get information on sources and citations for your project.

2. Go to the Library

This is a nice place to source for resources for a research paper. When you are through with reading through the topic on Wikipedia, the next point of call is the Go to the Library.

The only content you will most likely not find in the Library is information on new stuff that came into existence in recent times. For every other content research need, you can make use of the local library in your location or the library in your school.

3. Research on the Resources Cited in Articles

If you are working on a more significant project, you will need a bigger number of sources to find materials for the project. The end goal is to make use of sources with high authority. For instance, if you need to read up issues on a diet, will you prefer to read an article by a professional dietician or will you prefer to read an article by a freelance writer with no experience who writes for quick cash.

One way to find authoritative content is by carrying out further research on the top resources cited by the sources you currently have. You can check Google Scholar which is a go-to site for authoritative sources in academic writing.

You also get to see the number of times other writers have cited a resource paper. The number of citations a paper source has, the more authoritative it is.

4. Check the Citations Primary Sources

The early point suggested that you go with the secondary source, but another way to find the resource for your essay project is to follow through to the primary sources. After you have discovered material or resource that explains the topic in details, you need to find the sources from which that content was created.

This simple process can be the differentiating factor between your essay and that of your classmates. The closer the paper resource is to the subject matter you are researching on, the better for your project.

For instance, if your project is to write an essay about Barack Obama, you can find some interviews with Obama himself or people to him. That will include both audio and video interviews. Looking out for journal entries will go a long way to help too.

5. Try to Mix up Your Type of Paper Source

Most people stick to one type of resource which in most cases is a couple of articles or a book. For you to write an essay that will captivate the attention of your reader and at the same time be resourceful, you need to learn to mix up your sources.

These are a collection of sources you can try out: Letters, newspaper articles, audio recording, Google books, personal interviews, films, personal interviews, and scholarly journals.

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The following tips will help you write an excellent political essay. Check them out and let us know how they have helped you in the comment section.