Why blue light glasses are a true lifesaver during quarantine?

My boss always asks me where I was busy during quarantine. The very simple answer to this question is binge-watching Netflix for hours. It’s NOT just me, I know that you’ve been doing the same. What is a human in complete lockdown without developing an obsession with screens? In case you’ve yet heard, Netflix and Zoom were the two companies with enormous rises in terms of sales and membership increase during the lockdown period. 

We also know that lockdown was hard to consume. With no interaction with the outer world, no street food and no friends and family, we had to experience a very sad and dry past few months.  People with jobs had to work for hours and experienced a complete burn-out as there were more calls to attend than the amount of work done in a day. While students with school and universities closed had to study online for hours. One thing that increased during these global pandemic hours is the use of digital devices for hours. Prolong hours of digital use creates a tremendous impact on our physical and mental health.

Effects of digital dependency on eyes

Prolong hours of digital screens like computers, laptops, ipads, tablets and smartphones create short and later progressive vision loss. Digital screens from devices emit harmful blue light rays and to counter its effects, blue blocker glasses, also known as blue light glasses, emerged in a growing demand. Blue light rays are also emitted from the sun though it is smaller in amount compared to the sun. However, it creates a significant impact as we screen as much closer to our eyes and bodies hence there’s more exposure.

Blue light rays cause many visual problems along with the change in the vision. These detrimental rays reach the retina of the eyes and cause problems like eye-strain, headache, blurry vision, red-eye, itchiness, burning sensation and more. It’s almost uncomfortable to wear while operating on your screens, and it happens frequently in the day. Apart from these problems, blue light rays also contribute to more severe conditions like neck and shoulder pain, poor sleeping hours and progressive risk of developing vision loss. During the lockdown, many people experienced such problems which cause itchiness, irritation and water from the eyes.

How does Blue light glasses help?

Blue light glasses are a phenomenal counteractive towards emission of blue light rays. These glasses block the rays from entering the eyes and hence reduce all problems attached with it. Blue light glasses are just like any other glasses, but with a powerful blue light coating on the lenses. No, you don’t have to go for a lens replacement in glasses, you can get a coating of blue light glasses on new or old lenses either on prescription or non-prescription.

Blue light glasses are made with special blue light coating with anti-reflective properties that reflect incoming blue light rays. Eventually all the eye discomfort decreases and you no longer experience eyestrain, headache, irritation or burning in your mind while you are using your screen.

Blue light glasses also correct your sleeping pattern by restarting the secretion of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. With the help of blue light glasses, you experience major benefits and elimination of eye problems and growing risk on your eyes because of prolonged hours of screen consumption.

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