2 thoughts on “Real-life ‘Spiderman’ who saved child dangling from balcony to become French citizen”

  1. My immediate response upon seeing this news – which I’m sure is shared by many – is that this was a publicity stunt by the government of France.

    The whole situation – the weirdness of child dangling like that (how did it get there?) from a place where it was possible for a person to climb up from the ground (a very rare situation), the immediate meeting with Macron afterward – the way all of this plays into the narrative of the current need of the European elite to force the population to accept these immigrants.

    He also looks greatly less raggedy than the average migrant. In fact, he looks like a model used in modern fashion advertisements.

    There could have been some kind of wire holding him, but if he’d let go, and the wire was exposed – a very real threat when you’re dealing with a 4-year-old – that would have been extremely difficult to explain. Although I guess they could have said it was part of a movie set. Or maybe the child had some adhesive on his hand… Note that there are also people with the child ready to save it if the migrant fails. It is in fact unclear why what was clearly a grown man was incapable of pulling this child up on his own without the aid of the migrant.

    Even assuming this was all real, it is being exploited to the max by Macron and the mainstream media, for the purpose of promoting migrants as beneficial to society.

    How many children have been murdered by migrants, in comparison to this one that was saved?

    Can we please get some math on that?

    Macron, do you have numbers on how many children have been killed by migrants vs how many have been saved by them?

    I am certain multiple thousands to one.

    I mean, these people are our eating little girls. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1552482/Missing-girls-body-put-into-kebab.html

    And feeding them to us.

    I don’t know about you, but I would rather one kid fall off a building than one kid be gang-raped, murdered and turned into kebab and sold to the public.

    So if those were the only two single events involving a migrant encounter with a child, I would think we could safely say that migrants are a net negative for European children and society as a whole.

    If that boy had fallen to his death, it would not have been after a brutal gang-rape, and no one would have been tricked into eating him.

  2. I generally don’t subscribe to ideas that could be deemed conspiracy theories, but I’ll admit I thought the same thing as ivehadnoduisin3wks. The whole way this event transpired and was subsequently exploited is incredibly convenient for the pro-migrant faction. Even if every aspect was legitimate and unstaged, the fact that people are dubious speaks volumes about how public opinion gets manipulated.

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