Experience the Beauty of Being on the Scene

In the daily life of many users, listening to songs has become a habit of ours. We wear headphones when we go out. We will use our Bluetooth speaker at home and when it is empty. When the music is played, a good mood will follow. HONOR’s Bluetooth speaker has been popular with users. Choosing to buy HONOR Mini Speaker can give users an immersive feeling. 

The packaging box of HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker keeps the original simplicity. It adds the element of vitality and youth, making the packaging of our products novel. 

The fuselage is of square design and raspberry red color matching. Its size is 54*54*55mm. Its weight is about 120g g. Girls with small hands can hold it in their hands. If a seal is designed at the bottom, it is not bad. 

The charging method is Micro USB. It supports IP54 dustproof and waterproof. It can be used in kitchen and bathroom. The battery capacity is 660mAh lithium battery. It can be used for 4 hours and the measured charging time is about 80 minutes. 

The top of the HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker is a 3W full-frequency speaker. From then on, the wonderful singing in the small hole spread out. And the sound was forceful. The dynamic effect of sound is more obvious. This gives people the direct feeling that the sound is transparent, strong and penetrating. The bigger surprise is at the bottom of the speaker. Turn the speaker over and you can see that its bottom is designed with an independent bass diaphragm. This is a way to ensure sound quality under such a compact design. 

Due to the limited diaphragm size of the small sound box, the amount of air driven by the vibration is insufficient. The low frequency is weak. The sound volume sense is lacking. However, the HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker adopts an independent bass diaphragm design. Although the diaphragm itself cannot be driven by electrical signals, the air in the vibrated box will drive the diaphragm to vibrate together when compressed and expanded, thus driving more air movement, thus improving the performance of the small speaker in low frequency. 

This design makes the sound quality of HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker excellent. There will be no sound breaking at low frequencies. The medium and high frequencies are resistant to listening because the 3W full-frequency horn has full and sweet timbre. With the blessing of the independent bass diaphragm, the low frequency has lost its expressive force to similar small sound box products, with abundant volume, firmness and elasticity. 

This speaker explains to us that “small body has great energy”, which ensures sound quality and increases volume at the same time. With the support for dual-combination stereo and Bluetooth calls, the small speaker can be said to meet various needs of users at the same time. The appearance of HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker meets consumers’ pursuit of sound-price ratio, ensures sound quality while controlling price within a reasonable range, and finds a perfect balance between sound quality and price for consumers.