Everything You Need To Know About Roof Racks For Your Car In New Zealand

The New Zealand has the most selection of vehicles of any nation, and you may drive a car from anywhere in the globe on its roads. No universal roof bar or roof rack is available that will fit every vehicle. No matter if you’re planning a staycation or a trip to the beach, your car needs the right set of roof bars.

A Roof Rack System Consists Of How Many Pieces?

A roof rack system typically consists of three components: a bar that runs the length of the roof, the supports on which they are supported, and a specialized installation kit for the vehicle.

Will My Vehicle Be Able To Obtain Roof Bars?

There is probably a roof rack out there that will suit your car, but it will probably need a few special components.

How About Older Automobiles?

A set of roof bars put on the rain gutter is an option for older vehicles. They are adaptable and can be taken off one automobile and used on another, though you might need to adjust the width and height.

And Current Cars?

The bad news is that roof racks aren’t mounted on nearly all current cars. The majority of contemporary automobiles are made with roof bars that can be either permanently or detachable. They might have installed clamp systems, fix points, or rails.

What Comprises A Standard Roof Rack Kit?

The bar, feet, and “fit kit,” which fastens around the top edge of the door to hold the roof rack onto your car, make up a conventional roof rack kit.


On either side of the car’s roof, roof rails extend from the front to the back. However, they cannot be used as roof bars on their own. They are typically a standard factory fit.

Should I Install Roof Rails?

There will be a set of roof bars that will fit your automobile, so you won’t need to install roof rails because it wouldn’t be cost-effective to do so.

Where Can I Find A Fixpoint And What Is A Fixpoint?

A fix-point located on the roof of your car might exist. A car’s recessed, roof-mounted fixture point is known as a fix-point. The threaded hole is typically covered with lift-up covers, slide-back covers, or plastic plugs.

Are Roof Bars That Are Clamp Mounted Any Good?

Although they have received undeserved criticism, clamp mounted roof rack systems are ideal for cars without rails or fix points. They are a highly safe and economical roof rack solution, and they simply need to be checked occasionally to make sure the fit is still snug and secure.

What Should I Do If My Vehicle Has No Rails Or Fixing Points?

One bar at the front doors and one bar at the back doors often clamp on when a vehicle lacks rails or other attaching points. Fixing points may be concealed, so carefully inspect under rubber door seals, for example. Check the car handbook or the roof bar supplier if you are having trouble locating your roof bar fixing locations. When tightening the clamps, the steel roof bars may appear to bend slightly. This is completely normal and won’t harm the roof bars, clamps, or your car.