Coachella 2019: LMNT must-haves this festival season

The sunny days along with the blooming of flowers announce the arrival of spring and these lively and vivid colors remind us of one thing only … Festival season is in full swing and Coachella 2019 is finally here! While no trend is forever, there are some practical and convenient  eyewear must-haves that you should always keep in your bag to enjoy the festival at its fullest. Going to Coachella means, indeed, living carefree for two days, without having to worry about tomorrow while you enjoy the great music and enchanting atmosphere.

The price to pay for rocking your festival sunglasses can be pretty steep…you run the risk of losing them, or have them trodden on! All made worse by the fact that you spent hundreds of dollars on them.

But at SmartBuyGlasses, we’ve made you a guide to help you find your new music festival sunglasses, by taking beloved classics by brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Vogue Eyewear, and giving you the festival-friendly version by LMNT to go with your summer dresses and body glitter.

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The LMNT Angelika Polarized  sunglasses feature an interesting geometrical design similar to the Ray-Ban RB3556n Octagonal sunglasses, though the LMNT pair will only set you back $30 including polarized lenses, compared to the Ray-Ban version at $153.

The LMNT Gabrielle sunglasses are sleek and narrow, featuring a similar design to the Vogue Eyewear VO4138Ssunglasses. The LMNT’s updated take on the classic Cat Eye sunglasses will make you stand-out of the crowd this summer, costing only $30 compared to the $131 you’d be spending on Vogue Eyewear.

The LMNT Federica Polarized sunglasses have a round frame, a popular festival go-to in eyewear and similar to the Quay Australia QW-000025 sunglasses. The yellow-tinted lenses gives them a fun and fashionable edge while the polarized coating make sure you won’t have to deal with harsh sunlight while you’re dancing through the crowd. Not to mention the LMNT Federica is less than half the price at $30, compared to Quay Australia at $70.

The LMNT Edwyn will be your new go-to when it comes to Cat-Eye frames, available in black, tortoise and white. The Le Specs ‘The Last Lolita’ features a similar design and also available in black, red and white color options. The LMNT Edwyn is available to buy for $30, compared to Le Specs ‘The Last Lolita’ at $139.

Similar to the LMNT Edwyn, the LMNT Charlie sunglasses feature a similar Cat-Eye frame with the same lenses, featuring a narrower design. The George Keburia sunglasses are also incredibly narrow featuring more curves than the LMNT pair, though will set you back $108.60 compared to LMNT at $30.

Oversized sunglasses are a festival essential and seen worn by countless celebrity Coachella fans. The LMNT Andre Polarized sunglasses will be your best-friend in the hot California sun (you’ll thank the polarized lenses for that!). They sport a similar look to the Gucci GG0101S frames, though if you do lose a pair you’ll be glad they’re only $30 compared to the $289 Gucci pair.

You can check out the full LMNT collection here! 

Not a fan of sunglasses? No problem! At SmartBuyGlasses we carry an array of disposable contact lenses, perfect for your Coachella weekend!

Disposable lenses 

You may also opt for daily disposable lenses which are actually the most convenient option in these situations, as they also protect your eyes against UV-A and UV-B rays. Just put them on when you get up and dispose them before sleeping (we don’t know your timings during these two days so even if you go to sleep in the morning, just remove your lenses ). In case you’re having some troubles due to spring pollen or anything, don’t forget your eye drops!

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dailies lenses

Don’t forget your sunscreen and power-bank phone charger!