Box Office: ‘Solo’ Is Officially a Disaster as Media Cover Up Why

With no serious competition opening at the box office, Solo has officially collapsed with a catastrophic -68 percent drop in its second weekend. After grossing a measly (we are talking about a Star Wars movie here) $82 million in its debut weekend, Solo bottomed out in week two with just $28 million.

Source: Box Office: ‘Solo’ Is Officially a Disaster as Media Cover Up Why

3 thoughts on “Box Office: ‘Solo’ Is Officially a Disaster as Media Cover Up Why”

  1. Why are people bringing politics into this? The movie is a dud because it was obvious to everyone this was a pure cash grab, and the movie reflects it. Pretty simple.

    Also, what the hell happened to this site. Did we lose all our accounts and posts? And there’s gotta be a better design you can use… this feels so generic, like I’m visiting any number of faceless sites that only exist to show you ads.

  2. I’m tired of media saying “(insert whatever series) fatigue”. People aren’t fatigued from watching a specific genre, people just won’t watch shit movies. THat’s why BVS bombed, solo bombed, and etc.

  3. This movie had the poor, unfortunate luck to be the one released after the Last Jedi. Yes, The Last Jedi made bank at the Box Office, but that was purely to do with it being our first, and sadly last chance to see Jedi Master Luke. Even if we ignore every other problem with the movie, and the list is longer than a list of the clintons victims, we’re still left with them showing Luke trying to off a sleeping kid, AND, for some insane reason (brooming him aside), killing him off.

    Honestly, this is a lesson Hasbro learned in 86 when they killed Optimus. Why Disney thought killing off Luke was a good plan is beyond me. But, if they thought Solo did bad, wait till they see the results of episode 9. I predict execs jumping out of the top hatch on epcot.

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