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April 5th, 2018 @ 10:00PM

MEMBER SINCE:December 9th, 2004
LAST ONLINE:April 5th, 2018 @ 10:00PM
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    No you can't.

    Comments :

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    IN RESPONSE TO: 17 Dead, 20 Injured in Florida High School Shooting, Suspect in Custody

    This guy is a straight up leftist tool. Own it libs. This one, AGAIN, is yours! Let`s not talk about the truth that is the mental derangement that leads to liberalism and socialism. Let`s instead use this sicko`s actions to justify the seizure of guns.
    Posted: February 14th, 2018 @ 7:29PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Space X Heavy Rocket Launch

    Isn`t private industry amazing? Unleashing space exploration in the open market will lead to even more amazing accomplishment.
    Posted: February 6th, 2018 @ 8:56PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Lame (California Tech Companies)

    Geoff - Transfer to Austin. Austin itself is liberal, but it is surrounded by conservative thinking suburbs. You can be yourself there.
    Posted: January 13th, 2018 @ 8:46AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Friday Politics

    Why should high tax states like Cali be able to deduct and states like Texas can`t? This should force Cali, NY, MN, and other high tax states to LOWER income and property taxes.
    Posted: December 24th, 2017 @ 5:24PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Thursday Politics

    This is utterly amazing, to see how this thing has COMPLETELY turned on Clinton, Podesta, and now Obama. Obama may have acted unethically, but it seems clear to me that Clinton and Podesta should be charged with crimes against the state and corruption.

    Trump wins --- AGAIN.

    Posted: October 26th, 2017 @ 12:41PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Blizzard Social Groups

    What are the invite codes to join the groups?

    Posted: October 25th, 2017 @ 2:52AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Thursday Politics

    If it wasn`t for Chelsea Handler`s anti-Trump comments, I would have never known who she was. I am so heart broken to be seeing her show cancelled. Whatever will I do?
    Posted: October 20th, 2017 @ 1:37AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Nose Surgery

    Praying for continued healing Geoff. I been there.
    Posted: October 14th, 2017 @ 7:48PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Tuesday Politics

    Hahahaha! The NFL has caved. The marketplace made it`s impact. They didn`t want to lose money.
    Posted: October 10th, 2017 @ 2:18PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Las Vegas Shooting

    Your examples show you are approaching this from an innumerate direction. I understand American cultural hegemonists fear the Caliphite terrorist but most of the massive amount of shooting deaths in this country are not of this nature. They are the suicides, the fights, the crimes. These situations might be improved without such ready access to guns.

    It is not only Islamic terrorists. Look south of us in Mexico. Mexico has strict gun laws in line with the UK and many European countries. Yet, machine guns and semi-automatic weapons are STILL being used in murder after murder there.

    Columbia has strict gun laws. Yet machine guns are still ending up in the hands of drug runners and FARC rebels there.

    I could go on and on. It doesn`t have to be an Islamic terrorist only..... it can be anyone with a desire to obtain a highly deadly weapon.

    Again, if you pass ever more restrictive gun laws, you weaken the ability of the individual citizen to defend themselves against people who have no regard for any laws.

    The logic is not on your side here. Raw emotion should not dictate policy or seize precedence over individual liberties.

    Posted: October 7th, 2017 @ 5:58PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Las Vegas Shooting

    There is no counter. If you take guns away from all the good guys, then only the bad guys will have guns. Then we will be even more at risk. Machine guns were used in the Charlie Hebdo and Concert attacks in France. France has extremely strict gun laws for even handguns and shotguns. Yet the bad guys got machine guns anyways, and used them.
    Posted: October 5th, 2017 @ 6:52PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Las Vegas Shooting

    He will not escape justice. There is an eternal justice to come that will be given to him by a perfect and righteous God. We are assured of that in scripture.
    Posted: October 2nd, 2017 @ 12:40PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Left-Wing Terrorists: Antifa

    Here is more outrageous behavior from the radical left -- a state senator in Missouri, wishes for President Trump to be assassinated...... but hey---- the Alt-Left and Left are not violent right killer666? --- http://dailycaller.com/2017/08/17/missouri-senator-i-hope-trump-is-assassinated/

    Posted: August 17th, 2017 @ 12:06PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Wednesday Politics

    Here is an article from The Atlantic (no friend of Conservatism or Trump) in which a New York liberal professor calls out the radical left Antifa --- https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/09/the-rise-of-the-violent-left/534192/
    Posted: August 17th, 2017 @ 11:56AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Wednesday Politics

    killer6600 - Yes. Throwing eggs is minor. The point is, the escalation to significant violence from that point.

    There is no lessening the severity of murdering or attempting to murder anyone. Where was that implied?

    What is it about the alt-Left`s violence that keeps you from saying it`s a significant problem?

    Hitting people in the face with locks, shooting at congressman (nearly killing one and clearly having intended to kill many) , or running a website that explicitly calls for violence against Trump supporters (itsgoingdown.org) ? The radical extreme left is as violent as the Nazi/Racist movement.

    Violence is WRONG. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

    The President should not have said `Good people on both sides`.......that was bad. I can agree on that, and he should be called out on it. What he should have said is that there are very very bad people on both sides and a lot of people that have been indoctrinated to hate within the white extremist and Antifa/BLM movement. That would have been an accurate statement that you and the liberal left still would have used to paint the President as a racist.

    You have no shame, no intellectual integrity, are completely locked in by your own confirmation bias, and deliberately ignore evil acts committed by the political left.

    At no time have Nebu nor I shown anything by contempt and complete rejection of Nazi/Racist ideology. So disavow the ideology of the Alt-Left --- it`s not that hard is it?

    Posted: August 17th, 2017 @ 11:50AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Wednesday Politics

    Killer - are you aware that MOST of the victims of Antifa and the violent alt-left movement have NOT been Nazis? Or are you of the opinion, that anyone that supported and voted for Trump is a Nazi?

    In no way will I defend what that evil Nazi bastard did in deliberately trying to ram his car into a crowd of people.

    What I am concerned about is the characterization of people like myself or Nebu as being somehow sympathetic to the Nazi cause, because we point out the FACTUAL issue of violence among Antifa, BLM, and other associated radical left groups.

    During after the election cycle, Trump voters were repeatedly assaulted by radical left elements routinely. Many of them SERIOUSLY injured, some could have easily died. Almost NONE of the victims are Nazis...... although with people like Markos Moulitsas claiming all Republicans/Conservatives are Nazis, chances are you probably feel that way too..... especially given you just called Geoff one.

    For your viewing pleasure, here is a PARTIAL list of assaults by Alt-Left/Antifa/BLM/Radical Left groups and individuals through June 2017 - tell me again that the Alt-Left Antifa isn`t as bad as the Nazis....... they are cut from the same cloth.... violent extremists who seek the subjegation of anyone they don`t like or agree with. One does it by race (Nazis). The other does it by political persecution.

    June 2016:

    – Protesters jumped on cars, stole hats, fought with and threw eggs at Trump supporters outside a Trump rally in downtown San Jose, Calif. Trump supporters sued San Jose over the violence.

    July 2016:

    -A Hillary Clinton supporter lights a flag on fire and attacks a Trump supporter in Pittsburgh.

    August 2016:

    -Anti-Trump protesters attacked pushed, spit on and verbally harassed attendees forced to walk a “gauntlet” as they left a Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis, Minn., and beat an elderly man. Protesters also attacked Trump’s motorcade.

    –A Tennessee man was assaulted at a garage sale for being a Trump supporter.

    -A Trump supporter in New Jersey was attacked with a crowbar on the street.

    September 2016:

    -Protesters in El Cajon, Calif., chased and beat up a Trump supporter.

    October 2016:

    -A GOP office in North Carolina was firebombed and spray painted with “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”

    November 2016:

    -A high school student was attacked after she wrote that she supported Trump on social media. The perpetrator ripped her glasses off and punched her in the face.

    -The president of Cornell University’s College Republicans was assaulted the night after Trump won the election.

    -Students protesting Trump punched and kicked a Maryland high school student wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

    -A high school student was arrested in Florida after he punched a classmate for carrying a Trump sign at school.

    -A group of black men in Chicago attacked a white man while raging against Trump.

    -Maryland high school students punched a student who was demonstrating in support of Trump, and then kicked him repeatedly while he was on the ground.

    -“You support Trump. You hate Mexicans,” a California high school student yelled at a Trump supporter, before viciously beating the girl.

    -An anti-bullying ambassador was arrested for shoving a 74-year-old man to the ground in a fight outside Trump tower where people upset over his win had gathered. The woman tied to Black Lives Matter caused the man to hit his head on the sidewalk.

    -A Texas elementary school student was beaten by his classmates for voting for Trump in a mock election.

    -Two men punched and kicked a Connecticut man who was standing with an American flag and a Trump sign.

    December 2016:

    -A Trump supporter was beaten and dragged by a car.

    January 2017:

    -A Trump supporter was knocked unconscious after airport protesters repeatedly beat him on the head.

    -A Trump supporter was attacked after putting out a fire started by anti-Trump protesters.

    -When Trump protesters encountered a driver with a pro-Trump flag on his car, they surrounded the vehicle, ripped off and began burning the flag, and pounded the car. They also punctured the tires.

    February 2017:

    -California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock had to be escorted to his car after a town hall because of angry protesters. The tires of at least four vehicles were slashed.

    -Protestors knocked a 71-year-old female staffer for California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher unconscious during a protest outside the representative’s office.

    -Milo Yiannopoulos speech at the University of California-Berkeley was cancelled after rioters set the campus on fire and threw rocks through windows. Milo tweeted that one of his supporters wearing a Trump hat was thrown to the ground and kicked.

    March 2017:

    -Masked protesters at Middlebury College rushed AEI scholar and political scientist Charles Murray and professor Allison Stranger, pushing and shoving Murray and grabbing Stranger by her hair and twisting her neck as they were leaving a campus building. Stranger suffered a concussion. Protesters then surrounded the car they got into, rocking it back and forth and jumping on the hood.

    April 2017:

    -A parade in Portland, Ore.,was canceled after threats of violence were made against a Republican organization.

    -Fears of violent protests shut down Ann Coulter’s UC Berkeley speech. Campus police had gathered intel on protesters who were planning to commit violence.

    May 2017:

    – Republican Rep. Tom Garrett, his family and his dog were targeted by a series of repeated death threats deemed credible by authorities.

    -FBI agents arrested a person for threatening to shoot Republican Rep. Martha McSally over her support for Trump.

    -Police in Tennessee charged a woman for allegedly trying to run Republican Rep. David Kustoff off the road.

    -Police in North Dakota ejected a man after he became physical with Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer at a town hall.

    -A former professor was arrested after police said they identified him on video beating Trump supporters with a U-shaped bike lock, leaving three people with “significant injuries.”

    June 2017:

    -James Hodgkinson opened fire on a congressional GOP baseball practice, injuring five, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

    -Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney received an email threat that read, “One down, 216 to go,” shortly after the shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice.

    -A man driving a white Malibu reportedly fired several shots at a man driving a truck displaying a “Make America Great Again” flag in Indiana.

    Posted: August 17th, 2017 @ 2:13AM

    President Trump is the head of the Executive Branch. In that role, he has the authority to fire anyone in the departments that report into him. President Clinton fired 93 Republican appointed DOJ attorneys in 1993. So changing staff, even in high places, at the DOJ is not unprecedented. Comey was a Democrat stooge. But nonetheless, he fumbled every investigation and scandal at his feed around Obama or Clinton, or simply refused to prosecute them. He deserves to be fired simply for that. Again, all the liberal left can do is scream `Russia!` or some bullshit like that..... They have zero evidence. Zero.
    Posted: May 10th, 2017 @ 10:57AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: More Politics

    If Communists are banned from holding office in California, how are Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters in office?
    Posted: May 8th, 2017 @ 8:00PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Today's Politics (BUMP for discussion)

    Too bad the women at the marches don`t care about the 22.5 million women/baby girls that have been ABORTED and wiped out. What about those womens` rights? Shame on Ashley Judd, Madonna, and the whole lot of them....... A civilized nation is gradually understanding the barbaric nature of abortion and what it really does..... MURDER CHILDREN and deprive them of life, liberty, and any chance at happiness.
    Posted: January 21st, 2017 @ 9:27PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Go Trump!

    Special thanks to Geoff and the Trump army of 100 or so Expectnothing readers and Kali Compton guys that VOTED for Trump.
    Posted: November 9th, 2016 @ 12:18AM

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